No Valentine’s | 12

Amos walked up to Stacy and said, “Hey, the boss wants to see you.”

She was focused on her iMac screen working on something. She did not turn to look at him and asked, “Any idea what it’s about?”

“There is only one way to find out.” Amos then walked to his desk.

Stacy stood up, picking a pen and notebook and walked to the big man’s office. She knocked, waited for his response, and then entered the office.

“Come in and close the door.” The boss said.

Stacy always admired how beautiful his office looked. It was spacious, had piles of books nicely arranged on the side shelves and artefacts he’d gathered from across the world on his many travels overseas. She dreamed of getting the office for herself.

“Amos says you asked for me.” Stacy began. The boss was finalizing on something that looked like an email, hit send then turned in his brown leather chair, adjusting his Ray-Ban glasses to look at her much clearly.

“Yes.” He always spoke in few precise words. “It’s about the job promotion in Ghana we offered you about two months ago.” He continued. “It’s been accepted by the head office and I needed to confirm with you that nothing is holding you back before I send the confirmation. You’re scheduled to begin in seven days. Have your passport ready. Everything will be provided from that end.”

Stacy heard everything he said. It had been a week and a half since the breakup. When the boss said, ‘I needed to confirm with you that nothing is holding you back before I send the confirmation’ she instantly thought about Lawrence.

She looked pleased to hear the news. “I’m happy to hear that, Mike. I’m ready when you are ready.”

“Good. I’ll be sending the official email shortly. That’s it for now.” Mike said as he turned to pick an incoming call.

Stacy stood up and walked out of his office. She was super elated and didn’t know who to break the news to first. She got back to her desk, picked her phone and walked to the office lounge area to make the call.

Her Dad said he was proud of her, enquiring more about the offer. Stacy would get paid almost three times her salary and get a good allowance package in addition to housing and transportation costs catered for in the new country.

She felt proud of herself. This was what she dreamed of, success in her career. She was well on her way to being a top creative director in the African based agency.

Instinctively, she felt the need to call someone else. The urge was to call Lawrence. When she scrolled down her phone book and stopped at his name, she debated whether to click the call button or skip to another contact. Finally, she hit call and the phone rang.

“Hello…” Lawrence responded after a few rings. He was in his home office working on a client’s proposal.

“Hey…I don’t know why I called but I guess I have some good news.” Stacy said, wanting to smack herself on the head and already regretting her decision to call him.

Lawrence sat up in his chair. He was somewhat shocked, knowing too well she was the proud type to call and ask him to take her back. This must have been something serious and he was eager to know what, “Uhm, I’m listening. What’s up?”

“I don’t know whether this matters anymore but I just got a promotion at work and I’ll be heading to Ghana in seven days. I’ll be working on a two-year contract.” Stacy said holding her breath. Her body was acting all strange from her usual confident self.

“Oh! Congratulations…” Then he went silent.

“Hello…are you still there?”

“Yeah, yeah… I said congratulations.” Lawrence said.

“I heard you. Thanks.”

“I guess this is where I wish you all the best?”


“Cool…..all the best and may Ghana be kind to you.” He was now trying to sound optimistic.

“Thanks, Lawrence.”

“You’re welcome.” Lawrence had many questions to ask about how she was doing, about the job offer and so much more but held it all inside. One question escaped his lips, “Can I ask you something, when did you accept the offer?”

“Uhm, why?” Stacy asked.

“I just need to know. When was it?”

“About a week ago.” Stacy lied. For some telepathic reason, Lawrence knew it was a lie. It sounded so clear in her tone.

“Well, I have confidence you will do great things in Ghana. Sorry, but I need to get back to work. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” Stacy hanged up.

Lawrence felt some rage about the whole situation but later felt relieved. He knew it in his heart now that letting Stacy go was the best decision he had made less than two weeks ago. She clearly didn’t deserve him. He wondered though, what to do with the engagement ring. Stacy was a past he was more eager to forget than ever before.



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