No Valentine’s | 14

The car stopped at the cemetery’s parking lot. Lawrence had driven all the way from the restaurant, telling her about Stacy; the break-up and how she was soon flying out of the country.

They took a couple minutes longer in the car before stepping out. Lawrence loved the fact that he could always confide in Neema and the same applied to her as well.

“It’s been what, two years now?” Neema asked him.

“Yes. Two years and it feels like yesterday.” Lawrence said.

He was referring to the accident that claimed both their lives – his sister’s, Faith and Neema’s brother, Brian. They looked through the windscreen as though replaying what happened that fateful day on the 14th.

Faith and Neema had been best friends for so long. They were the ones who introduced their brothers to each other and went on to be best friends too.

It was Neema’s birthday, which coincided with Valentine’s Day. Lawrence, Brian and Faith had planned to surprise her at her apartment. They had created a good ploy to keep her from seeing the surprise come her way. Lawrence would head to Neema’s apartment pretending he was looking for Brian and he would ask to wait for him when she said he had gone out to shop for groceries.

The plan was, Brian and Faith had gone shopping and on their way back, they would pick up three more friends and head to Neema’s apartment to celebrate. Hours later, Lawrence got a call from a stranger telling him that Faith and Brian had gotten into a fatal accident and both had lost their lives on the spot. The stranger had called the last phone numbers both their phones had dialled.

It was a painful reality to bear.

After the funeral, both Neema and Lawrence grew extremely close to each other, having a platonic relationship that was based on genuine love, taking care of the other person and sometimes being overprotective. It explained why Neema was so involved with Lawrence and his now failed dating relationship. From the get-go, she didn’t like Stacy, she always felt that Stacy didn’t deserve his love.

What even disturbed her the most was the fact that Lawrence was almost giving up on love now. She knew she had to change his mindset, somehow.

“Lawrence, you need to heal from all this.”


“The break-up. You need to allow yourself time to heal and move on.” Neema said to him.

His hands firmly gripped the steering wheel in expressive anger and said, “I’m done with this thing called love Neema. Let me focus on my work the same way you did when we lost Brian and Faith.” He turned to look at her, his hands still gripping the steering wheel. “Not everyone is made for love, right?”

She placed her right hand on his arm and pleaded with him, “I don’t have a sure answer to that Lawrence.” His masculine hands eased a bit on the wheel. “But one thing I know for sure is this, don’t give up on life and most especially on love. Just don’t! Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I did. I would never have seen what I see in you. You constantly remind me of Brian and that’s why I hate to see you almost giving up.”

Mutuku, the cemetery caretaker noticed Lawrence and walked towards his car to say hello.

“Habari Rafiki,” Mutuku called out through the driver’s window.

“Eh, Mutuku, habari.” Lawrence said.


The caretaker walked away. Lawrence took that moment to step out of the car and head towards the graves. They always did this ever so often. Neema always insisted on carrying flowers. She opened the back seat door and drew out two sets of flowers.

As they walked towards Brian and Faith’s tombstones, she stretched her hand to hold his as a way to comfort him, then cleared her throat.

“Lawrence, promise me one thing. That you won’t give up on love. Promise me.”

He remained silent till they were standing beside the graves. Though his heart was heavy and he didn’t want to make a promise he couldn’t keep, he felt right when he said to Neema…

“I promise.”



It’s a wrap, guys!

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  1. Its over?!!!….just like that?…….so Neema didn’t have a thing for Lawrence after all!….anyway, Great story telling Muindi….your blog is my newest addiction this year and it is a good one…cant’t wait for more from you…

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