No Valentine’s | 6

They both walked up the stairs leading to Lawrence’s apartment. He was carrying the two bags as she carried the picnic basket.

He turned the doorknob and said, “Ah, home sweet home.” They left their dusty shoes outside and strolled in, shutting the door behind them.

“I feel sweaty,” Stacy mumbled, removing her sports jacket to remain with a white Nike t-shirt on.

“Let me go into the shower first. I won’t be long.” Lawrence said.


He got into the bedroom, stripped naked and wrapped a towel around his masculine waist. Moments later, he was in the shower singing his own rendition of a song Stacy thought was Drake’s.

She was unpacking the picnic basket and the dirty sports gear from the bags.

He then walked out the shower with trails of hot steam escaping his body, and into the bedroom again. Next up was Stacy. Normally, she took ages in the shower. Lawrence knew he had a couple minutes to himself.

He yanked the white towel off his waist and dried his body with it. He reached for the Noir men lotion on the dressing table, pressed the thick liquid on his palms, rubbing it over his body.  He then wore his boxers.

Stacy turned on the showerhead, water splashing on her body and bathroom surface. On hearing that, Lawrence pulled one of the top drawers and removed a navy blue t-shirt crumpled tightly as if it had something inside of it. He untied it. At the center of the fold lay a classic velvet engagement ring box.

He opened it, removed the engagement ring, and stared at the rock and gold plating for the millionth time. He had practiced going down on one knee a couple of times. He had fantasized how Stacy would react when he finally proposed to her. Would she say yes, get brutally shocked or reject him? He was not so sure.

He heard the shower head stop and quickly wrapped the box with the t-shirt, placing it back in the top drawer where Stacy would have to step on a chair if she needed to reach there. She was a ‘tiny minion’ as he loved calling her in their teasing conversations.

“Babe, are you done?” Lawrence asked.

She did not respond. He heard the bathroom door open then asked again, “Babe, are you done?”

“Yep.” She was now standing at the bedroom door walking in to join him.

“That was fast.”

“It was?” She smiled seductively at him. “You mean you’ve not dressed up yet?”


“Good! I want you with fewer clothes on. In fact, none at all.” She giggled.

“Hmmm.” Lawrence got the cue.

Stacy was now standing on the fur carpet next to the bed when she let her towel loose and it fell down leaving her naked. Lawrence’s eyes widened. She was breathtaking. He moved closer and instantly, they kissed.

Stacy’s hands held the back of his head gently as they kissed. He lifted her up and placed her on the bed without breaking the intimate flow of kisses, with their eyes closed.

Lawrence’s lips slowly moved to her neck, nibbling on her, passionately and repeatedly with every movement. His hands gently run over her breasts. He made a trail of even softer kisses past her neck.

Then, he went down on her.

Stacy’s hands grabbed the duvet as she became weaker with every move his tongue made on her.

Her soft moans turned him on. Getting all warm and fuzzy down there too. He got rid of his boxers.

Stacy opened her eyes to meet his. She gingerly bit her lip. She did not have to say a word to him. He knew she was ready as much as he was. He moved on top of her, kissed a little more, interlocking his hands with hers as he gently entered her.

They both moaned, making sweet love to each other.

It was a magical scene like one in the romantic movies. Her heart in his palm and his in hers.

It was heaven.



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