No Jeff, that was a shitty interview!

Every morning during the weekdays, I wake up and go for a morning run. Sometimes it’s consistent, other times it’s not. But still, one thing remains consistent, my insatiable desire to listen to Jeff Koinange on the Hot Breakfast show on Hot 96. You see, ever since I stumbled upon and read his book, ‘Through… Read More »

The Muindis At: Malindi (The International Village) | 2

Saturdays are for sleeping in. We slept till mid-morning when we woke up to have breakfast. The breakfast at Astra House wasn’t all that – just some toast, eggs and coffee. Samson, the showman served it with such enthusiasm and it was hard to tell it to his face. Anyway, going by how much we… Read More »

The Muindis At: Malindi (The International Village)

It starts with Reina pushing it a bit too hard. Sometimes I’m slow to make decisions. She only chooses to push it if there’s something I need to do and have slacked on. When I finally fall in line, I end up appreciating her ‘persistence.’ Most times it pays off. “Babe, let’s do something different.… Read More »