A Million Little Things

*****It starts with my kid bro pressing me to watch this series he thought to be something I should watch. I don’t know why.

‘There’s this series you must watch.’ He says.

‘What’s it called?’ I ask, my interest slightly piqued.

‘A million little things. This one you must watch.’ He insists.

‘Okay. What’s it about?’ I prod further.

‘Friendship. I have it in my laptop. Wacha I’ll share it with you.’

The next time we met he still pressed me to watch the series. Now I’d started wondering whether he thinks I suck at friendship.

‘Remember the series I was telling you about?’

‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. Take my laptop and help yourself.’ I say.

That day I watch the first episode and think to myself, hmm, not bad, but I still don’t see anything here that wildly interests me. But since my kid bro kept at it about how good a fit the series was, I kept watching. Now I’m on episode eight season one.

Well, this is not a review or spoiler (or at least I’m not trying to make it so). The series revolves around death, friendship and an affair. It’s about this band of couple friends who navigate through life and the challenges it brings about.

Thing is, there are some mind boggling insights that the series has opened me up to about life. And since I’m not trying to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t watched the series yet, let me focus on the insights for now. (In the meantime, check the series out if you’re looking for something new to follow. Might be the right fit).

To begin with, it’s such a burden lifted to know and accept that in one way or the other, we are all conflicted. We all have issues. We are struggling with something. We are probably running away from something, cowering inside unable to face some demons or challenges. I guess that’s where friendship comes in handy to bring more fight and reinforcement in the ring. You fight better when you have a support system.

At episode eight, I was shocked by how anyone can make a drastic change of lanes, especially in relationships. Sometimes you just don’t know what you are capable of. The impending decisions that you can choose to make and how they can affect the people around you. (Some context: imagine two married people starting an affair and the magnitude it bears on their marriages and friends around them).

I once read a saying that went something like this – ‘nothing is more stronger than a broken man rebuilding himself.’ In the series, there’s an alcoholic who battles keeping sober as an artist. I relate most to him and its interesting seeing him work it out even on those bad days.

What do you do when your body starts to break down either mentally or physically? How do you deal with that? Being healthy is a great blessing, one we sometimes take for granted or don’t put too much value in, when we should. If anyone is battling a health issue, acceptance is a real solution to eventually solving the problem or living with it. There are two characters in the series battling cancer. This struggle is unique in a sense and it dents their relationship as they battle it out.

The idea of a perfect relationship is none existent. People are flawed and flawed people make terrible mistakes quite often. These mistakes affect largely how we love and relate. Never expect perfection from anyone, always give room for flaws. That’s genuine love right there.

Going after what you’re passionate about requires real guts. Like quitting a job to start making your own independent films. Believing in your artistic self and choosing to groom it. Leaving your stable job to start all over from scratch chasing something you love and believe in. Such decisions bear more weight when you have a family and people who look up to you and depend on you. It’s a courage move and should be calculated well enough.

On the surface, nothing is always as it seems. There’s so much that lurks under the shadows, for instance, depression is real and many people battle with it secretly, knowingly or unknowingly. It’s so easy on your own to get lost in sinking sand but when you have close people around you, those that can notice that something is not right, they can offer you a helping hand and get you out of the mess you’re in.

Everything happens for a reason. It’s a key guiding principle in the series and equally works as well in real life. It offers solace to know this truth and it’s definitely a way to make peace with the challenges that life throws your way.

Overall, it’s a nicely written series with some good flow though cheesy on many parts. But it makes for a good story nonetheless. I’m always fascinated by how we relate and look for ourselves in stories and characters. It’s magnificent, this power of storytelling. But that’s for another day.

A Million Little Things, watch it!


Let’s say insomnia cuddles your real good one of these fine days (hope not). Here’s a good read to enjoy as you keep awake. Promise you, it’ll be fast.

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