About Muindi

“Perhaps I should not have been a fisherman, he thought. But that was the thing that I was born for.”

Those two lines from the book ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ best describe what I feel about myself sometimes. I was born to write. Writing is the gift God graciously put in me long before I realized I had it in me. That’s why I pursue it relentlessly.

My writing dream is to create world class novels and books, script amazing movies and TV shows and do all this with a touch of impact. Anyone who comes across something I’ve written won’t leave the same.

I quit my last job to focus on my writing career full-time. Everyday I’m eager to see it pay off.

Something else that deeply fascinates me is love & relationships. I explore this topic both in writing and in life experiences.

To me, Love is a mystery I’ve chosen to pursue and find out what depths it can lead me.

I’m a Creative Writer and I write for a living. I relish putting words together, telling captivating stories and seeing the magic unfold.

If you’re looking for a writer, hire me.


Reach me: +254716220820 | muindikimanzi@gmail.com | Instagram / Facebook: @muindikimanzi | Blog: www.muindikimanzi.com