About Muindi

Growing up, till this very day, one thing has intrigued me the most.


In my world, Love is more than a feeling. It’s a beautiful mystery I’ve sought to pursue and experience all its adventures as long as I live. Sometimes I know how to describe it, other times I fail, but still, every day I learn some more. And there’s so much to learn.

I’m blessed with the gift of writing. As such, I write about Love and interesting topics that spark my creativity, inspire, capture and narrate beautiful stories.

There’s something else that fascinates me as well; Advertising. I hold this belief – when God was molding me and polishing me up, before He could send me to planet Earth to do my time, He must have thought, ” Hmmmm! What career shall I grant him? I will make him an ad man,” God said.

It was perfect in His eyes (as well as mine.) I delight in creating and coming up with ideas and concepts that fill a gap and solve a need, mostly in the advertising and marketing space. With these gifts and talents I’m fortunate to have, I desire to groom the wordsmith in me, write more and turn creative ideas into reality. Also, I’d like to write a bunch of books too. And ultimately, to love more. Only that, shall be my legacy.

My name is Muindi. I write beautiful compelling words that tell stories and sells. And I love it.

Welcome to my blog. It’s great to have you stop by. Have fun Amigo!

You can write to me on muindikimanzi@gmail.com I look forward to hear from you.