At 27: What I’ve Learned

***Life. Some call it a bitch. Others say it’s what you make it. You only live once, that’s the motto to some. Whatever stage you’re at, one thing is for sure, life is uncertain.

This uncertainty about life makes up for many ups and downs, plus lessons. The lessons especially. At 27, I’ve had my fair share of these lessons.

Love. It’s the bane of our existence. Ever wonder what sort of lives we’d live if it wasn’t motivated by love? It’d be a sad life that’s for sure. We all want to be loved that’s why holding close those that love us and the ones we love should be a top priority.

Jobs. They come and go. And you sometimes get the guts to quit a job if you’re convinced you’ve had enough. You’ve grown as much as you could in that space or maybe it’s a toxic place and you can’t bear to continue on. Life moves on even after a lost job, it’s not the end. Brace yourself.

Sex. Is. Beautiful. Need I say more?

On matters health, take care of yours. You won’t always be that strong young lad who doesn’t bother much about what he eats or how he lives because he’s young and reckless and the body bows to his commands. Age starts catching up with you real fast. Get fit, eat right, get enough sleep, meditate, go vegetarian for a while, do yoga, whatever, just be keen about keeping healthy, it’s your responsibility alone.

Experience life to the fullest. Seek out as many opportunities possible to learn more, to travel, to feast adventure with a big spoon. Go all out and experience it all, as long as it makes you a better person.

Make peace with your imperfections. There’s a beautiful line by J. Cole that say, “we all got angels, we all got demons.”

Books. Love them, read them. They make you smarter. They feed a part of your soul and mostly your brain.

Passion. Discover yours and get married to it. Love on it, feed it like you would a raging fire with gasoline. Go mad over discovering that which God put in you and use it well. Nothing beats a passion and there is no better feeling than figuring it out.

God. He exists. Let’s be real here for a second, kwani how did all this start off? Life? Planets? Nature? Breathing in, breathing out? I’m no scientist major but I believe science lacks for many questions on this debate. Yes, faith or religion – whatever you call it – is a personal thing. Just don’t use that as an excuse to be ignorant about God. Find Him, just don’t be a senseless fanatical about it.

Booze and drugs. Don’t mess with them, in the long run, they’ll fuck you up. Be very careful here, tread stealthily.

Love yourself. Say good things to yourself when you stand in the mirror. Spoil yourself. Believe you’re the best and prove yourself right, only you.

Social media, it’s never that serious. Maybe it will all crumble down at some point, so don’t put all your life’s worth in it. Switch off your phone and breathe sometime.

Take risks. Calculate them, then dive in. Walk on a high rope and feel the thrill of not knowing what will happen before you get to the other end. Some things you’ll only unlock when you take risks.

Be content. You can’t and won’t always get all you want and wish for. Love yours.

Live right. You won’t have to look over your shoulder for what’s coming after you if you live right. Yes, we are all not perfect and sometimes we screw up real bad. But as much as you can, do good by you.

Build your courageous bones at every opportunity. This life is for the bold and courageous. No place for being timid. Always walk with your head held high no matter the losses you face. A good attitude goes a long way to solving any challenge you face. Be a lion.

Be dependable. The world does not revolve around you. It’s not always about you. Aim to be useful to others and allow a few lot to depend on you. You know what they say about giving, it’s more blessed to give than to receive.

When confused about what path your life is taking, ask yourself, “If you had all the money and time in the world, what would you spend your days doing?” Your answer to that question is what to consider as your life’s purpose (I think).

One thing I’ve increasingly learnt over time is the fact that I value freedom and fulfilment more than I do money. Yes, money accords you many pleasures but it can tie you down. To be a slave or not to be is entirely your choice. Choose wisely.

Bonus point:Find a sport you love and indulge. All work without play makes you a dull boy or girl.


Post inspired by Bett’s series – What I’ve Learned.


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