Bad Joke

His brown leather sandals are behind him. A trail of footsteps leads up to where he is standing. The beach view is spectacular. The sun shining down majestically on the sea.

Waves caress his feet occasionally but he can’t seem to feel any of that. He is numb. An ice-cold heart pumps his veins frosting every emotion he could ever feel. He puffs his Dunhill without moving his eyes away from his view. This must be the day he finally finds emotional freedom, or probably the day all these demons are unleashed to torment him for good.

He looks far at the beautiful set up for the wedding. That dark day would be the day Tesh gets married. The one woman who really had his heart. He couldn’t attend the wedding, neither could he miss it. His ego wouldn’t let him see Tesh get married to another man.

From his view, he could see it all. The bridal team walking in just after the guests settled down in their glamorous clothes. The groom walked in moments later and waited at the end of the aisle, eagerly – that son of a b*

When he finally saw Tesh in that snow-white dress walking down the aisle, his eyes looked away. A sense of being overwhelmed took over. He looked at the sun taking a dip, the beautiful orange. He looked so long until a tear running down one of his cheeks distracted his gaze.

That should have been his cue to leave but his legs wouldn’t cooperate.


I knew he would show up somehow. I knew him too well. As I walked down to meet Tony, I thought about him – ‘damn him’. How could he ruin my wedding day by camping in my mind?

I hoped that I wasn’t making a terrible mistake by getting married to Tony and not him – the one who showed me what it means to love.

Somehow, I was confident it had to come to this. Our love story was too good to be true. A toxic love embedded in genuine intimacy. ‘I loved the way he lied.’

But I had to focus my gaze. And smile. Tony was my choice, though deep inside I knew who I really loved, and I couldn’t be in his arms.


He finally pulls himself together. Takes the last puff at his Dunhill and throws away the cigarette butt in the waves. He couldn’t care less for preserving the beautiful sea. Who was preserving his heart? No one.

And just when he’d turned to walk away to his Jeep, he heard her call out his name. He didn’t turn because he thought his mind was playing dirty tricks on him.

“Jammie, Jammie.”

Something told him to turn. He could not believe it. Tesh was running towards him. This is insane, he thought. But what was really insane was him showing up and her keeping her promise.

He once told her in an ice cream shop, “Just know, if you ever end up with someone else and attempt to marry him, I will show up at the wedding and elope with you.”

“I’ll gladly comply,” she said. “Just don’t let me go. It would be a terrible thing to happen to my supposed groom.”

They laughed at the joke. Unaware that it would one day become a reality.

He embraced her. Breathed in her scent as he held her close to himself, unsure to believe whether it was real or a bad dream. Instinctively they turned towards the Jeep. Running away. Leaving every question unanswered.

When he turned on the ignition, one question hang over his head like a cloud – “What next, James?”

All that didn’t matter. He held her hand and floored the gas pedal.

Guess bad jokes do come true, huh?

7 thoughts on “Bad Joke

  1. Bad jokes do come true. Some people get second chances. Not Chris Martin. Reason for that song “Let Her Go” So they let go (mostly because they were proud) but destiny had it they will end up together. I guess when things get stale, it is good to take a break before we delve deeper into the feelings of unsatisfaction.

  2. Bad jokes♥♥
    guess this is the only piece that I’ve fallen for over and over again..eloping,..mhhh
    perfect joke indeed

    guess bad jokes do come true ..

  3. Bad jokes♥♥
    guess this is the only piece that I’ve fallen for over and over again..eloping,..mhhh
    perfect joke indeed

    guess bad jokes do come true ..

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