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Undoubtedly, sex is most men’s ultimate weakness. The Achilles’ heel. The vice that easily entangles, and, when it captures you firmly, it can destroy you.

I interviewed a former hooker, called Carol P. My intention was to find out from her, the answer to one question.

“Why do men go to brothels?”

Well, besides the obvious answer – that is, to seek sexual pleasure – I wanted to understand it from a hooker’s perspective. Hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Carol P. was is the prostitution business for close to three years but has since left the trade and is recollecting her life pursuing a more legal and moral trade.

She had a lot to say, answering my question.

And I listened.


She says there are multiple types of men who go to brothels to seek sexual pleasure and other needs to be met.

She got to meet and interact with most of them. Apparently, you’d be shocked at how open these men were to her in their conversations.

Was it based on the fact that she was a stranger? Or was it the emotional security she offered them beyond, lack of judgment, for their choices?

She doesn’t understand it as well. Surprisingly, she made lots of male friends – ‘clients’ – in the industry.

The Fetish Man. This group of men have deep desires to explore and satisfy sexual passions they have and cannot otherwise find with their spouses or girlfriends. So they turn to the night girls to fulfil their pleasures.

They crave what they miss in sex. Big boobs, a big ass, sex positions, a blow job maybe. And are willing to pay for it.

Shockingly, most of these men have an innate psyche. They want the ladies to take command in the whole sexual act and simply follow through. Weird shit like asking the girls to slap them, bite them or inflict physical pain while having sex.

The Stressed Man. These men are distressed. Mostly by their wives. They feel bombarded by the demands life throws at them. The unending pressure emanating from their family and work.

They turn to brothels, presumably, as their safe havens. Carol P. met one such guy, on a normal night.

When he paid and they entered the room, he sat on the bed looking bewildered. Not knowing where to start or even how to initiate the whole thing.

He just wanted to talk.

She gave him audience, him spilling details about his family, his wife and how things were falling apart. They didn’t have sex. But he paid her nonetheless.

That’s how the trade goes. Nothing is free in these circles.

The Born-Again. These men are expected to be ‘perfect’. They have perfect families, perfect kids, perfect lifestyles and perfect sexual engagements. There is no thought of, leave alone room for sexual perversity in their lives.

They are most probably married to religious born again wives who would cringe at the request to have certain escapades and try-outs in bed.

So they conceal their moral decay. Living pretentious lives, hiding their raging sexual passions until they no longer have to put up a face and they can be wild like the Tasmanian devils they are. The brothels give them that.

Carol P. encountered a pastor in the process. He was there to quench the fire on his loins. At first, she was taken aback. Wondering, “what the heck?”

When she questioned him, he said, “There are those things you cannot show your wife that you know. You really love doing them and the best place to do it is in the brothels.”

The guy was really a pastor. But at that point, he was just another client.

The Lustful Freak. These men ooze of lust. (Isn’t it a man thing?) They are pornography watching addicts who want to try out everything they see.

When they pay a woman for sex, they keep requesting them to do this, do that, how about that? Bend like this and shit like that. They are curious to know just how it feels.

Their money gets them that enticing experience and pleasure. “Such pornstars,” she said.

Most of them are youngsters.

The Bruised Man. They walk into brothels hoping to be recognized, to feel wanted, to be adored. They have bruised egos. A state of manhood that needs to be reclaimed.

The women in their lives have trumped manhood out of them. The wife could be the main or sole bread winner and she puts him down with her words and actions. Or she belittles him in bed. Making those, below-the-belt-punch-lines about his phallus, or his below average performance.

They come seeking a second opinion. Sort of trying to validate themselves and show the call girls, that indeed, they are man enough.

Apparently, they are the bigger lot of men in brothels. She says that these guys are the mouthy type. Always out to prove a point even when there is none to prove.

In the brothels, your money gains you acceptance, respect, and ‘love’. See?

The Natural Playboys. These men never get enough of women. They keep getting more and more sex.

They have wives, affairs going on but still won’t settle for nothing. She called them, ‘men of the women’.

Their sexual hunger is insatiable.

The Lost One. They are clueless guys who have just set foot on the lost path. They walk into brothels green, unsure of what will conspire. They are mostly tagged along by peers, who introduce them to a new world of sex, in the name of ‘looking for fun.’

They long for something that, unknown to them, will steal their innocence.

When they finally get their first experience, they feel lost. Some become extremely regretful after.

When they come back again, they get immersed in the vortex.


Manhood. Sigh!

Then I ask, what can ever fix these broken vessels?


Carol P. hopes to write a book someday, shedding light and narrating her entire experience in the sex business. For now, we’ll settle for her featured posts, here on the blog. Subscribe now for more incoming posts.

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