(Cuento de amor, means stories of love in Spanish.)

One day you’ll probably be a parent. It’ll will be on a Sunday afternoon. Your family will just have finished sharing a sumptuous meal. You’ll all be seated at the sitting room watching some funny family TV show. Then the lights will go off. In that moment of partial silence, your very curious child – the one you’re raising up to be the smartest kid in the block – will ask you a random question while looking at you squarely in the eyes.

‘How did you meet Mum?’ (or Dad).

The question will have caught you off guard. You’ll clear your throat a little, readying yourself to respond. Your spouse’s attention will gravitate towards you, eagerly awaiting your response. Sadly, you’ll stammer trying to recall how exactly you met the love of your life, ‘we’ll uhm, uhm, it – it – was – during – during…..’ You’ll see your spouse’s face start to sulk and your child will look even more disappointed at the fact that you can’t seem to get the answer to the question.

The lights will come back. Your child will jubilantly jump to switch on the TV and somehow the shift in focus will save you the embarrassment.

But not for long. You’ll feel bad trying to recall the yester years of your love life. It will dawn on you how much life has happened over time and, the work and life balance has somewhat planted amnesia in your mind. Consequently, making you forget something very important to you; beautiful memories of your love story.

But let’s turn the tables a bit. What if, you took some time to capture your love story as it unfolds and shapes into the future you’ll forever share with your partner, kids and grandkids. Won’t that be amazing? Having a recollection of all those amazing memories?

Well, if you met a Creative Writer (myself) and a super talented Photographer (Isaac Kaigi founder of Zuraj Studio) and took us up on our Cuento De Amor experience, we’d take you on a date – you and your partner – and paint your exquisite love story through words and pictures.

If you are dating, engaged or married? Isaac and I will take both of you to your preferred location and unveil your love story. We’ll have a whole bunch of fun taking pictures and listening to your tale. After which, we’ll embark on crafting a beautiful love story book that will hold your memories for a very long time. We’ll capture, narrate and present your story so well to the point you’ll be awed at just how beautiful it is. And when someone asks you how you guys met and what’s your story? You’ll happily jump at the opportunity to share it with your world.

To book for the Cuento De Amor experience, send an email to . Have a look at some of the Cuento De Amor stories we’ve captured here.

Photo Credit; Zuraj Studio

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