Women love date nights.

It’s one of those things they can never get enough of. What is it about a date that makes it so addictive to a woman? (Well, a woman would be best placed to answer that question).

Me thinks (hehe), a couple of things go into it. First, a woman feels appreciated, adored, wanted and most especially loved, when a man goes out of his way to make it a habit to take her out on dates. The woman wants to be pursued beyond the beginning of the relationship. Put up your best game each day as you did when you first chased her before she said yes.

You see, this can be constrained by the fact that every relationship goes through stages and with each stage, a new set of playing rules is introduced. For instance, at the beginning of the relationship, dates would seem ideal to get to know her more as a person and the man would do his best to get as many as he could. Later in the relationship, the guy might get complacent and start feeling as though he has achieved the initial goal – getting to know the girl – and hence cut down on the dates.

That in itself is a challenge. You need to figure out what next. If ‘A’ becomes too familiar, create ‘B’. Let the relationships experience new growth and much better experiences as is matures. Reina – my beautiful fiancée – keeps reminding me to not get too familiar. We need to reignite the love and fire in it, to keep it burning. Inevitably, input equals output.


Try new experiences – exercising together, travelling, learning a new language together, cooking recipes, name it. Do what seems right for your relationship. It’s like any investment. If you stopped to care for something, say a plant, it would wither and die. Owe it to yourself to keep the relationship in check.

Oh, by the way, date nights do not necessarily have to be expensive. I love to cook ugali, mbuzi and spinach at home. Turns out Reina loves it too. Sometimes I’ll make a hearty meal and share it, and boom! Date night is crossed out the list that week.

It’s all about being intentional and deliberate in making it happen. Seeking that intimacy and progress. For all you know, even taking a walk would be ideal for the part. Right Ladies? It’s the little things in life that matter, as cliché as that sounds. Also, the big things make a difference.

I’m not asking you to rob a bank or anything of the sort but try pulling one of those mighty dates once in a while. Gets you extra bonga points. Have it well planned out and memorable. Something like having a dinner reservation. You know what to do my guy, just go all out.

It helps a bunch knowing what we, as men would do to impress the Ladies in our lives. Ladies, how about you leave a comment below.

What does your ideal date night look like?

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