Deal With It

“What the fuck, Tom!” She stormed past the receptionist seated at the office front lobby and stood in front of him. He was now standing up from his seat, ready to calm her down.

“Please calm down Charity. “ He said slowly.

“You came to my office? Jesus!” She turned to look at the receptionist who was now eavesdropping on their conversation rather obviously.

“Can we speak somewhere else, more private?” Tom asked. “Please.”

“You have ten minutes. This better be good.” She said.

She walked towards the elevator and pressed the lift button. The lift opened and they both entered. She pressed the basement button. They were both silent as the lift went down. You could almost hear a pin drop.

At the basement parking, standing next to her car she asked him, “So?”

“What did you expect me to do? You weren’t picking up my calls anymore and I couldn’t come over to your place because of your Mum.” Tom said.

Her arms were crossed over her chest. She was listening intently but impatiently, “I thought I explained everything to you, Tom. I am in a relationship for goodness sake! I thought you’d respect that at least.”

“This is how it ends, just like that?” He asked.

She looked into his eyes. He was vulnerable. He needed her in his life, but her mind was already made up. “Yes, this is it. What we had between us was temporary and you know that. It’s time to move on Tom.”

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re not the one who has to move on.”

He stared at her blue car as if inspecting it. Part of him wanted to be happy that she had finally found love but the other half had grown used to having her in his life. At a time both of them met, they had just come from failed relationships. They needed each other. They got into a pact to flirt and ‘mess around’ but little did they know it was going to blow up like this.

Tom had become attached to Charity. It was hard letting go now. When she broke the news that she had found love and was moving into a new relationship, he could not soak that in. It was a bitter pill to swallow.

He nagged her and eventually, she blocked him from her life. As he stood facing her, he regretted his decision a couple of months back. What started out as harmless was hurting him like crazy. He was now in love with a woman who would not consider that love.

He turned to face her again, “I can’t just let go of you Charity. You need to give me more time, please.”

“Tom. You have to. We both know this is the best thing for us. We were both broken at the time, remember that? You and I know it wasn’t serious. You never could love me like he does. At least be happy for me.” Charity said.

“What about me? You are going to up and leave as if nothing happened. What about hanging out with you on weekends?”

“I’m sorry but I have to get back to work now.” Her voice was cold.

“At least let me buy you dinner one last time. The last supper?” He was now trying to be funny. She always liked his sense of humour but not today.

She was silent for a second, almost considering it, and then she said, “No Tom. This ends now. You need to deal with it.”

She walked past him heading back to the office. “Another thing, please don’t come to my office again.”

He wanted to grab her. Take a hold of her and try explaining why he couldn’t let go. He knew she was right to make that decision. It was only a matter of time before one of them found love, it so happened she was the first.

He got into his car and drove off. Her words echoing in his mind, “You need to deal with it.”

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