It felt so nice giving you a sweet on Friday. It made me happy to see that my small gesture made you happy. Actually, I had two sweets and when I slid my hand in the pocket I thought to myself, ‘when was the last time Dad had a sweet?’ My guess was right, it had been so long that you couldn’t recall.

I remember at the time we were in Kibwezi and you bought me a pack of Big G, chewing gums because you’d noticed that I had become fond of chewing, haha. You might not remember that but I do. It was very random. You gave it to me and in my mind I was like; WOW! Thanks.

Dad, thank you for the sacrifices you make for me, for us, for the family. You put all of us before you and it’s very evident. You are the most selfless man I know and I sure hope I can pick up after you. You are loving, peaceful and you cherish us all.

Dad, you are far from perfect but to me you are a perfect man. I love you so much Dad.

(I feel tears welling up my eyes as I type this).

You have taught me not to shy away from being emotional.  That expressing my emotions doesn’t make me less of a man. It’s part of me. And still, you have taught me to be strong. Especially for the ones close to me, my loved ones.

Dad, you are wise and full of wisdom. Forgive me for times I have failed to heed your word. Know that I am trying my best to be the best. Just like you’d want for me. Thank you for teaching me to love God, the ultimate Father. I have seen faith in action in your life and you inspire me to know God more for myself. I believe part of the reason I view God as a Father is because you have being my best friend and father all my life. I am grateful Dad.

I’ve told you this before, that there are many things I admire about you and indeed you are my role model. I choose to learn from your success and failure, but mostly to learn how to love like you do.

You are patient, kind, smart (always reading a newspaper, haha), funny (at times), very analytical and your memory is just spectacular. You remember things I told you and forgot about. Dreams I shared with you and you held close.

I pray that God may bless you with long life. That you may live to see your great grandchildren. That you may have great health & wealth and happy, joyful years ahead. I pray that everyone related to you, mostly us, called by your name will be abundantly blessed even as you are.

Always know that in my life, you are a great force, a pillar of strength, my best friend and the man who’s taught me to be a real man.

Thank you for loving me, for loving our family and for loving Reina, my fiancée.

I love you Dad, always.


With Love,

Your First Son.

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