The three of us pulled out of the car at Galleria Shopping Mall’s parking lot. Reina, Njeri and myself. We were here for one thing only, FOOD!

Njeri suggested us having Chinese food. I didn’t object. Reina gave up her first-choice meal, KFC Chicken, to try out some Chinese delicacy. She does that a lot, always trying new cuisines for her palate. On the other hand I tread softly, somehow, I take time before switching choice meals.

Here’s the deal, I’ve never quite liked Chinese food, I actually don’t fancy it at all. The few times I’ve tried it, I was left disappointed. And it seems I never learn. This time was a repeat of the same lesson.

We walked up the stairs and headed to the food court area. The moment those waiters spot you ambling towards their direction, they instantly approach you, dishing out menus or piling them on the table soon as you’re seated. It can be very irritating.

Njeri had had this vegetable fried rice and chicken cashew nuts meal from the Double Dragon Chinese Restaurant before, and spoke so fondly of it. We opted to try it out.

We ordered two servings for three. For the credits, they offer generous servings.

As we waited, we ordered drinks from the persistent waitress holding a menu with a black branded t-shirt written the name of the restaurant, Wing It. I thought that name was so cool, Wing It. But the juice we ordered, mine and Njeri’s especially – mint and pineapples – was somewhat disappointing. It came in tiny glasses unlike it’s big price tag and whoever made it used some sour pineapples. Even Njeri noticed that. Reina’s juice, lime and ginger, was way better. I requested for ice to beat the hot weather.

Finally, our food was served.

Gongbao Chicken with Cashew nuts and Vegetable Fried Rice.

Noodles and beef with mushrooms plus sauces.

We started out with the chicken cashew nuts and vegetable fried rice, serving it on the sauce plates they gave us. The melanine plates had typical Chinese-English with, uhm, some bad grammar (with engraved words, ‘Love is Kiss’ haha).

Reina liked the chicken cashew nut and so did Njeri. To me it was an okay meal.

Once we were done, we switched to the noodles and beef with mushrooms. I was first to serve. And after my first bite, I noticed the beef was rather different from what I expected it to taste like.

I said, ‘The beef is raw, have you guys tasted it?’

They both tasted and didn’t like it either. Something was terribly wrong with that beef. You see at first I thought it was the Chinese way of cooking beef, no wonder I dislike the cuisine but three people can’t be wrong, right?

Njeri walked up to their stand and complained about it to the lady who served us. The waitress went back with the food and moments later, another lady came back to talk to us.

You have to admire Njeri’s resilience for good customer service.

The second lady wanted to bullshit us about the food, claiming that she can’t replace the order because apparently, we mixed it and the Chef can’t change the beef and shit. Total BS! As if we were meant to eat it separately. (This even sounds dumb written).

Njeri stuck to her guns, us guys rooting for her and we claimed we weren’t going to pay the second plate of food because it was bad. And true, it was bad.

This lady went and came back then said, will you have chicken or beef?

‘Chicken’ Njeri said.

There was no way lightning was going to strike twice on us.

We shared the meal – noodles, chicken and cashew nuts – paid and left to watch a rugby game.

As we walked towards the parking lot, Reina saw the KFC at Galleria Mall and said in that regretful voice, ‘aaaah, I wish we came here instead.’

So, there you have it Amigos, the next review is KFC, coming up, next Tuesday.

Reina still wants to try out more Chinese food with chopsticks. For the record, that’s probably my last Chinese meal in ten years.

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