Forbidden | 1/5

*****She stands by the ridge on the hill, her gaze cast across the horizon for so long that she lost track of time. She waits for him, patiently.

This day, one of her friends is getting married. She stopped by, handed her gift to the newlyweds and just before the reception begun, she sneaked out, got in her car and drove off. Weddings aren’t fun like they once were. At the ridge, she thinks about him and just before her mind strays away further in thought, she hears a familiar roar of the engine.

She turns around to see him getting out of his car. He walks up to her and immediately they kiss. It’s funny how they have turned into teenagers in love over time. Caring less of their surroundings and just being two love birds.

‘I missed you.’ She says to him.

He pauses before responding back. He stares at her eyes, her beautiful inviting eyes. He can never get enough of them. ‘Me too.’ He says. ‘Nice dress. It’s a perfect fit.’ The lustful smile gives him away.

‘Are you flirting with me Mr.?’

‘Yes, I am. If I don’t flirt with you, who am I supposed to do that with.’

They both laugh. A short-lived laugh. Then they both fall deep into thought. By now he is hugging her from behind and looking into the horizon like she is. Times like these, they share little words between them. They prefer to listen to the other breathe and make up their thoughts for themselves.

‘Any word from the Doctor?’ Stanely asks. He can feel the question has changed her body posture and he feels her move her weight on to the other foot.

‘No progress.’ She finally says.

‘He’s strong. He’s always been.’ Stanely tries to fill the silence but he loses and they end up back into it.

‘I missed you.’ Wairimu repeats herself again.

He takes it as a cue. He looks over his shoulder to see if they have company and spots none. The ridge has been their favourite spot for so long and they know when it’s quiet. He slips his hand to her knee and starts making its way up her inner thigh. She closes her eyes, leans the back of her head on his shoulder and lets off a soft moan.

Stanley’s touch never gets old. It feels new every time. He’s addicted to her body and the same goes for her. Wairimu breaks off the moment, gives him the look, and walks over to the two cars parked behind them.

He follows her, perfectly in rhythm. He can feel the boner come on. ‘My car or yours?’

‘Mine’s better.’ Wairumu giggles as she leans on her black Toyota Noah and opens the back door. She hops in and so does he and they make love.

‘You know I’ve always wanted four kids, right?’ Wairimu asks him as she pulls on her panties then pulls on her dress from the waist down, both their breathing normalizing.

‘Yes, I know, two more to go.’ His gaze hasn’t left her face for minutes now. Sometimes he remembers the first time they kissed. It was unbelievable. He couldn’t get himself to sleep that night. It was a beautiful mistake.

‘Are you ready to face the Doctor?’ Stanley asks.

The question jolts Wairimu, and then she leans on the seat. ‘I don’t know how to do it but it must be done.’ The silence comes back.

‘You know we both love him Wairimu. We both do.’ Stanely reaches for her hand and holds it. ‘You’re not in this alone. I’m here for you and always will be.’ She always craves for his reassurance and affirmation in his words.

‘Thanks Love.’ She turns and gives him a brief kiss. ‘How was the wedding?’

‘Not sure, I was thinking about you half the time. Didn’t see you sneak out. You were so smooth I bet no one noticed you left.’

‘You gotta head back before they start looking for you.’ Wairumu said then opened the door. But just before she stepped out, Stanley pulled her back in and they kissed again. She finally broke off the kiss and said more affirmatively, ‘I’m not going anywhere Mr., you need to go now. I’ll see you soon.’

They both stepped out of the Toyota Noah and hugged before Stanley got into his car and drove off. Wairimu lingered there for a few more minutes, inhaling the scent of his cologne on her, the feel of the touch he’d just left on her body. How they both fell in love has always been a mystery.

One more time she looked to the horizon, breaking off thoughts of Stanley and thinking sadly of Martin’s state in the hospital. He had been in a coma for so long after the fateful accident. She had gone through the motions of hope, that one day he’d wake up and they would get Martin back. That hope had turned into despair. A flickering light that was dying off, bile that ate at their peace of mind. It had become easier to distance themselves from him and his state for the sake of sanity. No one could really erase the thought of Martin.

She turns on the engine and allows it to hum for a few minutes as if deciding where to go next. Stanley, if only you knew how much I love you, then you’d make the leap. I need you all to myself. She thought to herself. Many things had puzzled her about life but her love for Stanley had been ever so sound in her mind. She didn’t doubt it. Not even when she knew it to be forbidden.

Her mind was made up. She pressed on the acceleration pedal and drove off.

… be continued.


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