A few seconds later she opens the door. They both brighten up with excited smiles taking over their radiant faces. He puts one foot past the door as she swings it wide open, then, they hug. A cleaving-to-each-other type of hug. They stand there in that lost state of intimate silence, as their hearts exchange a whisper.

The neighbour right opposite her apartment opens his door and thuds of loud music follow him outside. This occurrence thrusts Eve and Dennis back to reality. Dennis gets in and shuts the door behind him slowly. Trying to make sense of the neighbours look of amazement just from seeing them sawn in each other’s arms. He pays him no mind.

He walks behind Eve, towing her slowly, his index finger in her hand as she leads the way. He can’t help but notice her curvy ass in that tight skirt of hers. Eve leads him to her bedroom.

He holds her hand, and swings her around, drawing in for a kiss.

She giggles, pushing him away and says, ‘you mean you can’t wait a few seconds for the strip tease?’

‘No. When have I ever waited?’ he says, reaching for a second chance kiss.

She giggles again but this time she gives in. With both their eyes closed, he puts his hands behind her back, firmly supporting her waist and lifts her up, placing her on the bed. He comes on top of her. One kiss after another, they start undressing. Her hands reach for his back, rubbing him. Their kisses get more intense. Somehow fanned by the scent she’s wearing.

And just when he raises his head to get rid of the tie, he notices something rather unusual.

(Sounding thrown off-course) ‘What’s that?’ he asks.

‘What?’ Eve turns and looks behind her, eyes on the bedside table cabinet. ‘Oh, that? It’s my Bible.’

‘Uhm, why do you have it?’ (untying his tie slowly.)

‘I need it Dennis……and somehow I think you need it too!’

He can’t recall the last time he’d held one. Neither can he recall the last time he was in church. He gets off her and sits on the side of the bed, hangs his head low, unbuttoning his shirt. There’s a deep frown on his face. Evidence of the thoughts ringing in his mind.

Eve turns on the bed and sits next to him. ‘Hey, are you okay?’ she asks.

‘I don’t know…..I feel lost.’

‘Dennis, you know something, I pray for you!’

‘You do?’

‘Yes, I do.’

‘What do you pray about?’

‘That you may find peace.’

He turns to look into her eyes. He’s bewildered. His eyes speak a story of doubt. A man lost in the ocean, going along with the waves and tides without really knowing where he’s headed. He lacks words to respond back to her. He leans back and lies on the bed, perching his hands behind his head. He then sighs. A release of heavy emotions he’s been carrying deep inside of him. He’s overwhelmed.

Eve leans back as well and rests her head on his chest. They stay there in deep uninterrupted silence, listening to their thoughts.

Eve thinks about them and where their undefined relationship is headed. She thinks about how long she’s had feelings for him. And how she’s probably falling in love. Yet, that was not the deal. This was only meant for fun, they said. No one was allowed to fall in love.

She thinks of how she’s starting to find her True North. How she’s cutting back on so many vices; drugs and all. How she’s reading her NIV Bible more often and praying three times a day. But yet, she can’t seem to shake off Dennis from her system. She knows he’s like good coke; it’s bad for her but she wants him. She feels stuck. All she wants to do is help him out. To save him from himself. To join in and fight his demons, if he’ll let her.

She wants them to start all over again on a clean slate. And maybe, find true unconditional love in themselves. But, it’s impossible. He’s too lost to see all her intentions.

Dennis lets loose his left hand and touches her hair. Running his fingers through her kinky afro as he thinks. Her words linger in his mind. He can’t seem to avert the mixed emotions they’ve caused in him. The picture of Angela, his girlfriend, circles his conscience. He feels messed up for betraying her love for him.

He knows without a single doubt that something is missing. And it has been missing for a very long time. No matter how hard he tries to find it in work, drugs and casual sex – with Eve and other girls – he still feels empty. Nothing quite fills that gap. But he can’t stop himself. He goes along with it like a weak twig on a windy day.

He feels numbed by his reality.

He slowly sits up on the bed again, Eve does the same. Then he goes down on his knees. Laying his head on her thighs. Eve puts her hands on his head and starts curling his hair. Then he speaks up.

‘Do you think I’m irredeemable?’

Short pause.

‘No, you’re not,’ she says.

He coughs as if clearing his throat. Then he says to her, in a deep hoarse voice, ‘please….save me.’

Before she can respond back, she feels tears on her thighs. He’s weeping! As much as she’s shocked that the most macho man she knows is crying on her lap, she lets him be. Because all he ever does is suppress his emotions with work, sex and drugs. For once, he’s at his breaking point.

She knows this moment too well. It’s a sign of answered prayers.

Her faith is gradually breaking the barriers in his heart. She leans in and kisses his head. That night, she vows to keep praying for him until he finds his peace.

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