Her heels had a low grip on the porcelain floor tiles. It was slippery. She decided to walk on the cabro floor path leading to the Intercontinental Hotel entrance. Reina and I were here for the BAKE awards nomination ceremony. You can imagine, I was more focused on getting a nomination than busking in the ambience and delving in the delicacies made in this famed hotel.

If by any chance, the Head Chef walked up to me upside down with his palms to the floor or handed me a whisky double on the rocks as I walked in (well, a bit too early to get toasted), chances are, I wouldn’t notice that. My gaze was cast on that nomination. Nothing else.

On that note, this might not be too much of a food and restaurant review post, but I’ll mention a thing or two about food.

We checked in at the registration desk and ambled in to the room where the event was taking place. Very few people were seated, despite our thirty minutes lateness.

Reina prefers back seats. We got seats next to a great chap called George, (who runs a sports blog – It was George’s first invite to the ceremony like myself. He’s been running the blog for four years now, sometimes managing to do three posts a week, incredible! He was having his breakfast, I asked where we’d get us some and he pointed the direction.

As Reina and I were serving coffee, I spotted Mugambi Nthiga, (the actor from the movie, Nairobi Half Life). We said hi. He was glad nothing had kicked off yet, in fact, the breakfast wasn’t fully served, the food warmers were empty.

Mugambi came to sit at our table. And I asked him, “I didn’t know you have a blog!”

“Yeah, I do. Its fairly new. Its about film,” he said. (

I took a sip of my strong coffee, then Reina turned to me and said, “Are you sure all these guys aren’t newbies? They look like it.”

Truth is, I admire Reina’s intuition. In many ways, she’s always right (is it a woman thing?) And, it keeps us, me especially from so much shit; that’s if I listen to her. I looked around the room and saw what she meant. She was right. I responded saying, “Lets hope we are the newbies with a nomination!”

At this point, the event hadn’t started even though the invite email said 8:00am to 10:00am. Then one of the BAKE officials holding a microphone informed us that the full breakfast had been placed and we could go serve, and that the event would begin in ten minutes.

George and I walked out and served for three. Including Reina who remained at the table. Earlier on, we’d avoided the pastries during the first serving.

The food; chicken wings, juicy marinated steak beef, pineapple juice, some tropical fruits and roasted potatoes.

But you’d be shocked, their cutlery wasn’t complete, with knives missing in place!

We sat through the entire event, hopeful to get a nomination out of the two submissions I’d made earlier in January.

Mugambi clinched the Best New Blog nomination, you can vote for him here;

George and I missed out on this one. Sadly. And as he left, I remember him saying to me, with a charged-like sound in his voice, “Don’t stop writing.”

“I won’t.”

Better luck next time. Oh, by the way Intercon, your pineapple juice was an elaborate work of fine nature. I loved it!

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