“Hey, J, wait up for me…” he gasps for air as he runs after her.

She is much faster than he thought. He was finding it hard to keep up. He increased his pace and chased her down the road, made the bend and was now closing in on her.

“Hey, J, let’s talk. Please stop!”

She looked back over her shoulder as he stretched his hands to grab her short white dress. She tried to dodge him. It worked the first time. On the side of the road was this green puffy-looking patch of grass. Because he occasionally played rugby, he dove in, held her tight on his way down and fell on his side to cushion the impact for her.

“Gotcha!” He said.

“You’re growing old George. How is it that I can run faster than you?” She asked with a smirk on her face.

He had her safely enclosed in his arms now. George let her loose as they both lay on their backs, facing the sky. Catching a breath.

“That was quite a stretch J.”

“Hahaha, wanna do it again?” She joked.

“No way in hell.” He paused. Before continuing, “I miss you J. I really do.”

“Aaaaaw…..Am I supposed to believe that?” she asked him, turning her beautiful eyes to meet his gaze.

“Have I ever lied to you?” His eyes became soft staring into hers. God! She is still as beautiful. He thought to himself.

“No, but you kept stuff from me. You walked away, not me.” She turned to him, laying her head on his masculine chest then placed her left hand on his goatee, stroking it softly.

“You pushed me away, remember?” He complained. “I always loved you more than you did. I didn’t even have to try. Sadly, I still love you.”

“Please don’t start George you know I-“

“What? I know you are dating. You don’t think I wouldn’t know that?” He noticed he had raised his voice – somewhat in anger – so he continued, “But I’m not trying to ruin that for you.”

“I know you, George.” With the palm of her hand, she turned his face towards hers. If her eyes could speak, he knew just what she was saying to him. And they did – I’m no good for you George. You love me too much. I don’t know how to give that back.

He could read every word from her. It always seemed as if there was a special force engrained in them. It constantly drew their hearts together. It weaved them intact and no matter how long they stayed away from each other, they picked it up just where they left it. He was more vulnerable to her. She loved him and right now, she wanted him to kiss her.

He took the cue, kissed her softly on her forehead for as long as a minute lasted. When he rose to look at her, her eyes remained closed. She instinctively held the back of his neck and drew him in. This time, she kissed him passionately. His hand raised from her thigh gradually making way to her face.

They rolled carelessly in the grass. And kissed. Pain, love, confusion and a strange peace, themed every kiss.

It felt right.

He was sharing a special moment with her. But this was too good to be true, he thought.

Yes, it was.


When he suddenly woke up from it all, he realized it was only just a dream. In the cold dark, he placed his hand on the side of his bed and no one was there. One goddam year now and J was not there with him.

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  1. Damn it! Dreams come to torment when you are supposed to be having a rest. They bring back the pain. The void that was already filled by stuff. Back to square one for George. Kipendacho moyo dawa when used rightly.

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