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Carol P. is back again! This time with more juice to the story. I love writing her tales here, even though sometimes she’ll say something to me, that’ll leave me with a mouth wide open wondering how can I ever find words to describe some of her past experiences in the sex business? It’s surreal. Crazy even.

One thing is for sure, I look forward to writing her book eventually, as a ghost writer. Her story is worth narrating. It’s one that’s perfectly sandwiched in madness and adventure.

Who wouldn’t want to hear the inside story of the prostitution business in this our Nairobi?

I sent her a message on Whatsapp and said I’d like to run another one of her featured stories. I wasn’t quite sure what to write about after her first, so I asked her, ‘what do you think I should write about this time? Any particular story in mind?’

‘I can tell you about all the different hookers in Nairobi, how they operate and what makes them different?’ she texted back.

I said fine. I mean, how many types of hookers do you know? (I guessed so). And since Carol P. had worn many hats while in the business, she has quite a bit to share.

You’ll need to gear up for this one Amigos, here goes.


Nairobi hookers…


Uptown Girl.

This one is classified into two. There is the uptown club girl and the uptown brothel girl. The club one goes to bars and posh clubs on select days; Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sometimes she’ll go on a Wednesday if it’s a ladies’ night gig. She does this because then, she can attract her prey on days they flock the bars and clubs (it’s funny how Carol P. referred to men as prey). The uptown club girl looks and lives expensively. She’ll only show up in top notch bars in Westlands, Hurlingham, Langata, Kileleshwa and so on (we are not mentioning names here), and she’ll order an expensive drink. And, expensive cigarettes.

She knows how to keep herself looking irresistible. With expensive nail polish, classy clothes, hair, style and exhibiting an elegant demeanour. She only deals with rich niggas. If you’re a broke ass nigga she’ll show you her goat, act all bitchy towards you. If you take her home for the night, she’ll shake you a good 10K and more. On a bad day she’ll make 5K a night. The uptown club girl also gives a quickie in the car for a high price.

Then there is the uptown brothel girl. Shockingly, most of them are married! Carol P. on several occasions spotted some been whisked away by their husbands, beating the hell out of them. In fact, one of her lovers gave her a good beating when he found her in one of the brothels. These ladies operate in high end brothels situated in lavish neighbourhoods. Some of them are also pimped to high ranking clientelle by a Pimp Lady.

They have an airtight decoy story they feed their husbands about working in town at a salon or Mpesa shop or whatever, and this works because most men remain aloof, disinterested in finding out where exactly they wives work. Their lies often pass as gospel truth. The lady will ask her husband to pick her up in town at Commercial or Kencom at the end of the day. He will do so, not knowing what his wife has been up to all day.

In the uptown brothels they make 10K a day even more since they don’t go for one prey, they go for many, at times sleeping with five to ten men a day. They alternate in shifts at the brothels, some working during the day and others at night.


The Massage Girl.

You probably know by now that most massage parlours in Nairobi – and its environs – are actually brothels in disguise. The massage girl dwells in most of them. She exists to meet the need of the man who doesn’t want to be seen in a brothel but wants to meet a hooker for pleasure. The massage parlours have online websites (again, not mentioning names), that showcase the ladies naked or ‘decently ‘dressed and the men will surf through the catalogue looking for what they like. Whether it’s a nice ass, nice boobs, nice thighs, and simply call the ladies directly through the number they see on the site.

How it works is, the ladies in the massage parlours rent out the rooms in there for a price that ranges from Kshs. 350 – Kshs. 1,000 a night. In there, they will carry on their business with the men that come all the way looking for sex. These women are sweet talkers, who know what to say, where to touch and how to treat the men all in a bid to get their best pay from the experience. The ladies can be welcoming but sometimes can mistreat the men who come over since that’s their playing ground. Especially men who won’t pay well.


All these women make a lot of quick cash through the sex trade. ‘Money fills their hands but also leaves as fast, ‘ Carol P. said. It could be that either they are poor money managers or maybe they have too much to spend, keeping up with their lifestyles. This fact just keeps them coming for more.

Another thing is that, all the prostitutes will steal from their prey, especially if the guy isn’t alert. Once you take them home, they might drug you only for you to wake up to an empty house the next day, everything stolen. They might also sneak out your valuables; cash, electronics and your laptop, much to your distress. (The word prey really holds water don’t you think?)


The Stripper Girl.

This is the bad girl, the crazy fox that has seen it all. She’ll get on stage naked – yes, buck naked! – and dance to her audience showing off her body and cookie. For such to happen, it’s a prerequisite to take hard drugs to numb your rationale, get you hyper and make cash dancing on stage. Carol P. mentioned that she did weed and shots of something strong that would quickly bring the kick before she got on stage.

The stripper girl makes a lot of money too and can afford a 20K and more rent a month. If you touch her while dancing, you must give her cash, if she does a lap dance on you; that’s cash, a blow job or even simply locking eyes with her as she dances, the guy has to throw money at her.

These girls are tough. They are brutal and can beat the shits out of any man who makes it hard for them, because dancing naked to men on a pole is hard already.


Downtown Girl.

These ones are crack heads. The perfect outlaws with a good portion of rebelliousness in them. The downtown girls operate in the heart of downtown Nairobi, hence the name. Their clientele mostly consists of thugs, conductors and drug dealers who fancy having their drinks in these rundown bars on this part of Nairobi. As a result, they toughen up to survive the industry.

They talk shit all the time. They have ‘mouth diarrhoea,’ a term Carol P. used to refer to the kind of talk that spews out of their mouths. If a man crosses one of them, he’ll see the devil and his boys come at him in brutal words. They are at the very bottom of the food chain, charging figures as low as Kshs. 50 per session.

These hookers are used to the tough life, the thug life. Most of them are quite unhygienic and careless. They live in lodgings found in the places they operate and can go for days without taking a shower. They are also as illiterate as f*ck, often speaking sheng since they can’t speak proper English.

Once, Carol P. had to interpret to one of the girls, what her Mzungu client wanted since she couldn’t understand a thing.

Huyo Mzungu alikuwa amechagua dame mkonde. Si unajua venye hawa wazungu hupenda madame wakonde? Now I had to translate to the chic what the Mzungu wanted. It was bad.’ (Hehe.)


The Street Girl.

Carol P. tried been one of them but it didn’t last long. She just couldn’t keep up. The street girls operate by standing on the streets, exposing their bodies to passers-by and making cat-calls to men walking by. When you see them you wonder about their families and ask yourself where the heck are they? How brave can one be to stand on the streets as a hooker as people pass by?

They operate in parts of Nairobi, mostly downtown, and if you know anything about Koinange Street, then you get what I mean.


The thing that I find hard to reconcile is my mind is this, all these ladies were once beautiful young girls who probably viewed themselves as little princesses. What happened?

That’s not to mean I judge anyone of them.


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