Let Her Go

Stacy knew what she was setting him up for. She wanted Mark to meet Angie. It was her malicious way of making them meet and spur things up. Stacy loved it when he was lost and saved him from the sea of emotions he went through. It had been two years since, and Mark couldn’t get over Angie.

When they walked into the party, Mark noticed Angie first. It was hard to miss her. She had definitely grown prettier – the love of his life. “Why didn’t you tell me Angie would be here?” He asked Stacy with a rather balanced voice. Trying not to get angry.

“I knew you wouldn’t come if you knew she’d be here.” Stacy replied. She thought he’d hover around her trying to prove a point to Angie. But he did what she expected him to do. It had been three months of dating and Stacy knew too well she couldn’t match Angie’s love. Mark loved Angie too much.

“I have to talk to her.” Mark whispered and walked straight to Angie. She was huddled up among her girlfriends. He walked up to her and rather rudely addressed her only. “Hey, Angie. Can we talk?” Angie hesitated for a moment. Looked at her girlfriends before saying yes.

They took a stroll and ended up next to the lake. The party would wait. It had been two years since they separated. He still loved her like yesterday and he guessed as much, she still loved him too.

They both stared out to the lake. He lit a cigarette, drew a long puff before he could summon words to speak. They sat next to each other, drinks in hand, rather silently. “You look good Angie.” He said to her, still gazing at the lake.

“You too.” Angie replied.

A long pause ensued. Words were exchanged without been spoken. The love had never quite died off, and they knew it. He loved her and she loved him still. But life happened. A decision had to be made. It felt okay lingering in that silence. Him sniffing her scent. Noticing she had changed her cologne. And her noticing he had picked up smoking and let his hair and beard grow out. Who knew love was so strange?

“Can I?” She said to him, stretching her hand for the cig.

“Uhm yeah.” He sounded puzzled. “You smoke nowadays?” He asked her.

“Only when I’m with you.” Angie responded with a smile on her face. Two years still and they had never lost their sense of humour that was only unique to them.

Who would have thought love would bring them this far? At a fork road. Each with their dreams to chase. Dreams that conflicted what the other wanted. And the price to pay for their dreams was their love. One chose their dreams and the other had to live with it. Such is love. And love is a bitch.

“Nice seeing you. But I have to leave.” Mark said as he rose up. He couldn’t stay longer at the party. It’d only make things complicated for her. For them.

“Nice seeing you too.” Angie responded. Her gaze still cast across the lake.

He turned and walked away. He’d had enough of the party. He was happy to see Angie and sad at the same time. He had no strength to stay here. It would only bring more torment. More demons of the past from two years and counting.

Stacy knew what she was up to all along. She deserved this.

He walked to the parking lot. Got into his car and drove off. One day he would drive off with Angie, but not today. http://muindikimanzi.com/neil-gaiman/

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