I hate farming. ‘Hate’ is a strong word, but either way, I don’t like farming. From my past experience working at my mother’s farm and partly looking after her livestock, I loathed the whole thing. I found it boring, too much work and I constantly felt it wasn’t something meant for me.

There’s a very special person in my life who loves the idea of farming; Reina (my beautiful fiancée.) In fact, she longs to own a piece of land and several green houses to farm all manner of crops. Her passion strikes me as something that runs in her family. Her late grandmother was a seasoned farmer who did well at the trade.

In what is naturally expected of any healthy relationship, Reina and I support and help each other achieve our desired work and pursue individual passions. We keep planning how we’ll retire to do what we love most. Reina will farm and I on the other hand will retire to writing. The two trades will secure our later years and ensure that we are independent and financially secure to fend for ourselves and our family.

I may not be a farming enthusiast but I have a knack for research. Learning new information and applying it enthrals me a lot. This skill has become my most valuable asset in aiding Reina pursue and engage in farming. In many occasions, she’ll ask me to conduct some research for her.

She’ll say to me, ‘Muindi, please find out about bamboo planting in Kenya.’

‘Could you help me get contacts to farming cooperatives around our county?’ Etc.

Researching on these agriculture related queries has become my personal contribution towards farming. Most times I’ll come back with solid information, which she’ll later use and it will please me to see the end result knowing I played a part in the overall success.

I remember this one time we were seated in a restaurant and she asked me to check up a company called Mlango Farm. She was interested to know how the company markets their farm products so well. From my research, I learnt that the company farms on a piece of land in their compound, they do door-to-door deliveries to homes and office premises on selected days of the week after receiving orders from their clients. They host visitors at their farm for a tour and offer teachings to those interested in learning new skills. When you visit, they will sell you a grocery basket at a reduced price as a promotional technique and this almost guarantees good word-of-mouth marketing about them. The farm is simply impeccable to say the least.

Most importantly, I learned that the business is run by a couple. That bit of information was a crucial reminder of my role to play in farming and my desire to support Reina in the trade, the best way I know how. There’s a place for you in farming. Luckily, I’ve found mine. What’s yours?

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