I decided to go to a brothel that morning. It was around 4:30am thereabout. The place I went to is more of a bar than it is a brothel. During those morning hours, you’ll mostly find drunk men. Guys who’ve been drinking all night. I sat next to one, smoking my cigarette. The guy was terribly drunk. He offered to buy me drinks. The problem is, we could not even have a sensible conversation because he was too drunk. Plus, he was extremely possessive, just because he’d bought me a few drinks.

My plan was to trick him into going to the room with me, then I’d rob him off his cash. But he was really stubborn and didn’t want me to leave his sight not even for a second. I was quite bored actually.

Across the room I spotted this good looking guy who was seated in a corner alone. He looked sober, cool and clean. He was wearing a cap and was drowning a Pilsner. A few times our eyes locked. I decided to go seat where he was. I picked my drinks and walked towards his table. The drunk dude followed me.

As soon as I sat down, next to him, the guy with a cap (let’s call him Bill), told me, “Hey, your man is following you.”

“He’s not my guy,” I said.

“Is it okay if I defend you from him?” Bill asked.

“Yes, please do.”

When the drunk fella got to where we were seated, Bill stood up to defend me. My goodness, he was tall and masculine. Damn! “Wachana na huyu dame,” he roared. The drunk fella walked away. He was no match for Bill, and he knew it.

Bill asked me to order for more drinks. I asked whether to order one drink or more and he said as much as I wanted. I knew he was loaded. We sat there drinking and talking till around noon. I really liked him, there was something about him I found interesting. At some point, he opened his jacket and showed me a bundle of money and asked if I could help him go buy a TV for his house.

Later on, we walked out of the bar and went to an electronic shop along Tom Mboya Street. He was charming actually, he carried my bag as we crossed the road. Normally, I’d be impressed by a guy with loads of money but with Bill, it wasn’t just the cash that made me like him. He flirted with me a lot, even as we bought the TV, he told the dealer that he was buying the TV for his wife, me. That made me feel something unique about him.

We got a cab to Eastlands. He lived in one of the estates. It was on a Thursday. We spent the entire weekend together clubbing and staying in his house. All through, he’d let me handle the money. On Monday I told him I had to go pay for my rented room in town and he requested me to come back. “You’re too good to let go,” he said. “Go pick your stuff and come stay with me.” I did just that. Bill and I lived together for a couple months.

What I didn’t know was that I’d committed myself to a depressed man. He was battling with hypertension and bipolar disorder. He’d get angry pretty fast and when we fought, he got physical. He would beat me up and throw me out. I’d stick around the compound screaming and cursing then he’d come out, light a cigarette and we’d sit down and smoke it together – like nothing happened.

“Mbona mimi hukupiga mami?” he’d ask.

“Hata mimi sijui, mbona wewe hunipiga aki?”

Then we’d call it truce, go back in and make out.

Not everything was wrong about him. He used to treat me well, take me out for shopping, he’d introduce me to his friends and strangers as his wife. And we both loved the wild clubbing life. Anytime I told him I’d leave, especially after having a fight, he’d come looking for me and take me back to his place.

That’s how we lived for almost one and a half years. I actually don’t know why I never left him after the first time he beat me up. I stayed. I guess I was in love.

Sorry, I’ve talked too much about me, let me tell you about my friends.

The next story is about one of my girlfriends in the sex business. She found a man who fell in love with her. (Let’s call her Suzie). Suzie met this guy, a famous rugby player, who’s been in the media scene a couple of times. The guy fell crazy in love with her. Since Suzie had pretty nasty experiences with men before, she found it hard to believe the guy. She decided to test him. She told him that she was pregnant and expecting his baby.

The guy never bailed out. In fact, he’d send Suzie money for upkeep and beg her not to go out to the brothels. The guy was ready to settle down with her and even introduced Suzie to his parents. But, you know what? This lifestyle is addictive. The girls find it hard to just quit and get out of it.

Suzie continued playing that narrative with him until he found out that she wasn’t pregnant. Boy was he hurt! That’s when he decided to leave her alone. To let her be.

There was this other guy who was frequent at one of the brothels. His name was Steve. He’s a tough guy with a strong domineering personality. I think he’s a thug or something like that. I once went with him in the room for a session and he pulled out a gun and placed it on the table.

I was shocked!

“Usijali, sitakuuwa..” he said casually.

That made me fucking tense. In the brothels, you find and interact with many types of men.

Steve fell in love with one of the girls. Whenever he came to the joint, he’d look for her and if he couldn’t find her, he’d ask around from her girlfriends just to know of her whereabouts. He’d be brash and tough with everyone around him until she showed up, then he’d calm the heck down. You know how it is when a man is in love? Yeah.

It got serious when he got her to stay with him. And gave her clear instructions to never step foot in a brothel again. But she went back. One time he found her there and beat the crap out of her, even pointing his gun at her in public. It was very dramatic.

Rumour has it, that brothel is family owned, so no one could say shit or ask him anything. I actually don’t know what became of those too. Steve was really taken over by that lady, you know.

I’ll tell you of another example where this Meru chic met a guy in the brothel, they fell in love and even did a wedding. The wedding was aired on The Wedding Show. But it only took a few months and the lady was back to the brothels.

So yes, men do fall in love in the brothels, and the girls too fall in love. But these relationships don’t seem to work. Most of them are violent. The men don’t trust the ladies because they know where they found them, the type of lifestyles they are used to and the fact that they have been with many men before. Hence, they get insecure and violent mostly, trying to make their stand. They become very possessive.

The ladies on the other hand end up feeling constrained, to being wives. They find it hard to leave the lifestyle they are so attached to and learn this new life. The much I’ve seen is that, shit always happens to these relationships. That’s just the way it is.


PS: Hey Amigos, in my never ending learning journey, and quest to define this blog, I’ve switched to making it a haven for love and manhood related stories, mostly. For now, I’m going back to the initial one post a week on Thursdays. ‘The Muindis At’ posts will move to weekly mini-blogs on both my Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can follow me on these platforms and enjoy more stories. Ama namna gani?


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