The maestro photographer, Isaac, drives to the parking lot. There are plenty of spaces in the Nairobi CBD this morning. It’s a cold Sunday morning and the sun is peeping from afar, saying, “hello guys.” He steps out of the Subaru. With him, are two guys handling the lights and behind the scene shoot. Isaac immediately gets into work mode; scanning the pathways, the weather, the sun rays and caressing his equipment as he twists and turns the camera. “Aaaaah, it’s going to be a beautiful day,” picture him say.

The writer kicks in moments later. He’s happy to see Isaac together with his handy men. Unlike Isaac, the writer carries with him a phone. In it, a word document and sound recorder; his tools of trade. By all means, this day feels special. One of a kind. They talk a bit and before the wordsmith can check his time to see how far they are…..

The two love birds fly into the scene. Taking over the warm presence with their aura. Love is in the air. Kirigo and Alex, the very first Cuento De Amor (Stories of Love) pioneers. The smile on Kirigo’s face seem to say, “let’s do this guys. Ain’t got time for breakfast.” She’s excited. Alex on the other hand seems reserved. The writer calibrates his emotions. He knows in Alex there is a story, a beautiful love story shared with his girlfriend Kirigo.

Isaac is all guns blazing, ready to capture those perfect shots, the writer flexes his fingers in anticipation. Nothing can possibly go wrong today.

A love story, is better told. And with that comes magic.

A fine work of art.


Isaac and I, are in search of the next Cuento De Amor couple. They are somewhere out there. If you’re in a relationship and would love to have your story captured with beautiful words and pictures, send an email to muindikimanzi@gmail.com with one paragraph narrating your love story in brief.

You might just get the spot!

Know of any couple, young or old who has a juicy love story to tell? Send it our way.

In the meantime, marvel at what became of our day, shooting Kirigo and Alex here. It was bliss.

Stop by Isaac’s blog for more.


  1. Greetings Muindi,
    How are you fairing on?I am very much interested in taking a photoshoot with my bar.how I would love if you could do this for us.my regards to Alice and congrats on the engagement. Am an avid reader of your blog and I am looking toward to more of your reads . Kindly consider us.cheers.

    Sharon Mwai.

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