No Jeff, that was a shitty interview!

Every morning during the weekdays, I wake up and go for a morning run. Sometimes it’s consistent, other times it’s not. But still, one thing remains consistent, my insatiable desire to listen to Jeff Koinange on the Hot Breakfast show on Hot 96.

You see, ever since I stumbled upon and read his book, ‘Through My African Eyes,’ I have grown so fond of this guy. I admired his resilience and hard work throughout his life story as narrated by him. How he worked so hard to be where he is, proving me wrong to have ever thought it was all handed down to him on a gold platter by his wealthy family. I admired stories of the many exploits he did as a journalist working for the international media houses, how he met African presidents, warlords, and key figures.

I loved his story so much that I even turned off my discerning mind when a part of that tale –  where he offered President Bill Clinton a cigar – seemed a little bit forced and sort of made up. I still loved the book and more so, the man behind the book. At one point, added him to my list of role models.

Now, I feel offended and cheated. When I wake up to run tomorrow, I will not switch on Hot 96 at least not for a while now.

John Allan Namu did a spectacular piece of work, investigating the looting that’s happening in South Sudan. Fake leaders stealing money from their government to spend $2,500 a night at a hotel whereas the money they spend is been kept far off from a lady sleeping with her kids on the dirt somewhere in a refugee camp. The documentary is called The Profiteers. A show of wit, courage and a passion to do what is right. (God bless Namu).

While Namu sacrificed his life to bring us the truth, Jeff did the exact opposite. He sacrificed his reputation to clean these beasts. What else can you call an inhumane person who takes what’s not his, makes it feel like it’s a privilege to think that it was yours and squanders it? Tell me a better name for such a person if not a beast.

Back to Jeff, I fail to understand why he did that interview. A chit chat actually, because calling it an interview is to spit on what true journalism stands for. That Jeff would collaborate to cleanse these beasts off the sticky allegations which spell truth, beats me.

I have one question for you Jeff, ‘Why on earth would you conduct such an interview and deny us the truth?’ Instead, you made this all about showing them as the innocent lot, hiding their wrongs and swimming with them across the shore to the land of no accountability.

I bet they used you as the boat, Sir. And as they busk in the shore of no regrets, they see little value for you now.

We all have dirt in our hands, that I fully understand. No one is perfect. But you know something Jeff, you have more than dirt on your hands from that interview. If the rumours are true that you took money to clean up the image of impunity and unfairness, then, you have blood smeared all over your hands. Blood money.

My voice may or may not reach you. Namu’s voice was almost snuffed out but thank God for the internet. Nobody can stop reggae!

Jeff, from one writer to another, from an inspired soul to a former role model, from me to you Jeff, I am deeply disappointed by you. And yes, I repeat this once more – that was a shitty interview by all standards.

Smell it and clean it up, it’s the best you can do.

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