No Valentine’s | 8

He pulled a short glass from the kitchen drawer and got a whisky bottle from the next drawer. He poured himself a finger of Jack Daniels whisky and quaffed the glass clean. It burned his throat a bit. He poured some more brown smoky liquid and took a sip.

He carried the bottle with him to the balcony. Placed it next to the small table outside and sat in his favourite spot.  It was time to think it through. To stare into the distance like he always did when he had a problem nagging him and eventually found a solution for it.

He sipped his whisky again as thoughts trickled in his mind.


Stacy was still in the bedroom. She was analyzing what had happened. One moment they had made love and the next moment they were in separate rooms. Needing a break from each other.

Was she wrong to tell Lawrence her mind? Somehow, she felt relieved that she did that. The only regret she had was the fact that she didn’t get to tell him everything she wanted to say. That she really loved him but didn’t know how to express it to him. He was a good guy. She appreciated everything he did for her, but love was too scary a thing to get herself immersed in.

She would rather enjoy his company and his affection, his love, but never held hostage to give it back. She knew it was a selfish thing to desire. Partly, she wished that things would be different, that she would force her heart to love him like he did. But, both of them knew the truth.

Love can never be forced on anyone, no matter how much you try, it will fail.

This was her current reality and eventually, she knew what to expect. He’d call it off, telling her it’s better they walk different paths. She knew this moment was coming and wasn’t sure when it’d happen.


Lawrence was staring at the sunset. He loved the natural beauty the orange ball left behind as it sank behind the scene. His mind had had a lot to think about concerning him and Stacy. His trail of thoughts was interrupted when his cat moved around his legs, its tail caressing them. He looked at it then instinctively checked his phone. Neema had texted him earlier, though he didn’t hear the incoming text – twenty-seven minutes ago.

Hey Lawrence. How are you?

He started texting back. Not good. What about you?

Lemme guess, its Stacy again, right? Wanna talk about it.

Uhm, not now.

When can I see you? I miss you.

Can I pass by at Crave Kitchen tomorrow? Hope to see you at 9:00 am.

Let me get back to you on that. But if you don’t find me there, you can come over for dinner at my place, ama?

Sounds like a plan.

I will cook your favourite.

You are far too kind Neema. Can I bring wine?

Sure. Your whisky is still here btw. I hate the taste of it.

Hahaha. You know what they say about men who take whisky…


They only date women who take wine.

Hmmm. That’s a good thought. Btw, does Stacy take wine?

No. She’s a vodka kind of chick.

Oh, really? That should tell you something.

Hey, I thought we talked about this already.

Okay, okay. I’ll let you decide what you want to do with your relationship. Enough of me bugging you about it.

Thanks. Lawrence heard some movement inside the house. Stacy was probably walking towards the balcony. He texted Neema back, [I gotta go now. Will call you later. Lotsa hugs.] Then put his phone back on the small table.

Stacy walked up to him. She was all dressed up as if she was ready to go. He knew she wouldn’t spend the night like they’d agreed. All this was not a surprise, he was getting used to the frequent disappointment.

“Lawrence, I’m about to leave,” Stacy announced, her eyes looking at the direction his eyes did.

He took a sip from his glass and without turning to look her in the eyes, he said, “Sawa!”

None of them was ready for another brawl. She simply walked away, picking her bag and fuchsia scarf on her way out. Then shut the main door.

He was tired of all this shit and needed a break. He picked up his phone and texted Neema, [How about we do that dinner tonight?]

It took a few minutes before she responded. Then the reply text came, bing!

It was Neema, [Fine by me. Be here at 8:00 pm.]



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22 thoughts on “No Valentine’s | 8

  1. Sawa, this is the typical relationship setup. One partner loves the other too much while the other does love them as well but in their own way but the party that loves too much thinks the other doesn’t then he or she starts seeking solace, which they always seem to find from maybe a one-night adventure they had, a friend with benefits or some new person they just met who sparks embers in the heart or loins…
    It is sad. Lawrence is so engrossed in the mentality that Stacey does not love her as much to even give her audience. No one is afraid to love unless they have been broken and broken terribly by a parent or a past experience. If you love someone you need to be patient, for just a while before running around like a headless chicken seeking for solace in another’s arms.

    1. Haha.. I like neema, she wants Lawrence and maximizing on the chance they will break up.. Lawrence deserves better.

    2. Again
      There’s no specific way to love someone and show it
      Different people love differently and show it differently,
      all depends with the person and how they grew to understand and see love

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