Our Pride

He barges into his home fiercely.

Morgan: “I swear I will kill someone. I cannot lose another one of us. NO!”

Njeri: “What is the matter? Are the ‘enemies’ intruding again?” She asks with a tense tone in her voice.

Morgan: “What else do they need from us? Haven’t we given them enough already? Such selfish things they are.”

Njeri: “You still haven’t told me what is the matter.” She peeps further outside and sees four masculine men, towering over the grass, their hands holding guns. They walk steadily towards their direction, abreast a Land Rover Defender that follows closely.

“Are they coming for us? I hope not.” She peeps again to estimate the distance between them. “Me too, I will kill someone if they dare touch my sons.”

Morgan: “Our sons….” He says affirmatively. “Where are they?”

Njeri: “I told them to stay with G. This morning I had a feeling something like this would happen.”

Morgan: “Call them here. No son of mine stays behind the lines when danger looms…”

Njeri: “But Morgan, they are only childre-“ He turns briskly and interrupts her as she speaks.

Morgan: “Call them right now. They have to learn the value of courage.”

Njeri, always so protective of her sons realizes that she can’t get Morgan to think otherwise. With reluctance, she turns away.

Njeri: “Okay, my King.” She retreats stealthily. Moments later, she joins him together with the three sons.

Morgan gives them one long stare that means business. It seems to say to them, ‘If danger comes, we fight for what’s ours. We fight till the last breathe.’ They decode his fierce face and stand firm, ready to face the ‘enemies.’

Morgan: “Our graves are filling up too fast and if we don’t do something about it, soon, we’ll all be gone.”

He looks at his young family. Though they present a brave front like him, deep down, they mourn the loss of their loved ones. Gone too soon. All for what, land? Why can’t his clan coexist peacefully with the unwelcome visitors? There is mutual benefit between them but they seem to have forgotten what once existed. The agreement to take care of his clan and in return to give them their pride.

Njeri: “They are getting closer now. Let us move in as well.”

Morgan: “Yes.”

As the ‘enemies’ get close enough, Morgan stands amid his family and the entire clan. He lets out a thunderous roar. A warning – that this will be a fight. It won’t be handed to them easily.

The alpha among the men holding guns signals for his band to halt. He raises one hand in the air to signal a message to Morgan. He retrieves a miniature Kenyan flag and waives it to Morgan and his clan.

The message is received. Morgan decodes it and turns to his clan. He gives a charge.

Morgan: “It is okay my fellow Lions. They have come in peace. They have finally launched their campaign to protect and preserve us as it was. No more loss of our own. We are free to rule and reign in our land, our kingdom.”

Magnificent roars emanate from the pride of Lions.

The ‘enemies’ were not poachers. They were KWS personnel. Friends of the Lions for ages ongoing. They came all the way to Morgan and his clan to inform him that they have begun an initiative to save the Lions. That they are educating and mobilizing their countrymen to protect the Lions. Some of the countrymen have begun giving money freely to fund the Lions conservation.

The tides have changed and they will not become extinct.


I grew up watching Lion King. It gave me sweet and revered thoughts of what a lion is and how lucky we are to have this pride in our nation (the likes of Morgan and Njeri, haha). When I saw the KWS commercial on Lion’s Den calling for people to give in order to conserve our Lions, I did not think twice. I sent some cash towards supporting this great cause of protecting our pride.

You too can and should give.


Send your contribution to Mpesa Paybill – 683988 | Account name: KWT


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