In life, you will meet one person who will make it awesome. They will turn things around in a whim of a never ending love. That person, I guarantee you, will cross your path and make it their path too.


Sammy and I walked down Moi Avenue Street, whizzing past throngs of people coming our direction. As we walked, we shared ideas and concepts about this event we’d been planning. It was our second company together. An event organizing company and we were well on track planning our biggest event then. And so we talked.

Along the way, right outside Café Deli, Sammy stopped abruptly to say hi to a familiar face. A friend from his circles.

A lady. Reina.

Who’d have thought my best friend would introduce me to a lady who’d one day become, my best friend too? Such are the twists and turns this world bares for us. I shook Reina’s hand and reintroduced myself. I remember she was carrying a bag in her hands. It looked heavy. You’d expect that moment would freeze like a scene in the TV series Charmed, and an Angel would holla at me from the side.

(Angel, whistles as he slightly flaps his wings) – “Hey, Muindi….”

“Yes.” (Looking his direction). “Oh my, are you an ang-“

“That my friend (pointing his right wing at Reina), is your rib. The One.” The Angel would say.

I’d then look at Reina with eyes flashing only to stare the Angel’s direction and see a snow-white feather slowly finding its safe landing on the floor. An indication that the Angel had done his work and vanished.

Then, the moment would unfreeze, and I’d say, in a more renewed voice – a romantic voice actually – “Hey Reina. It’s great to finally meet you.”

But none of this happened. Stuff like that lives in the movie world.

Just a reminder Amigo. Don’t be shocked that you’ve probably met the love of your life before. Several times and yet, it hasn’t dawned on both of you yet.

We exchanged pleasantries and parted ways. Sammy and I heading one direction as Reina went the other. If I knew she was the one, I would probably have hugged her goodbye.

Fast forward, Sammy brought her on board to join the event organizing team. He said she was bloody good at marketing, and we definitely needed extra hands on deck. It’s through this close formal interaction with her that I actually started having fond feelings towards her.

But, she was in a relationship. One that was on the rocks. Now, all chivalrous men will agree with me that trying to chase a girl who’s already in a relationship is a violation of ‘the code.’ We shouldn’t do that. That made me keep my distance with her. Secondly, and most hurtful is the fact that she cared less about anything I felt for her. Either she never saw me as her potential, knight-in-shining-armour, or my sense of fashion was not to her liking. Something she later admitted to me about.

It definitely took me time before I could eventually tell Reina what I really felt for her. You can call me opportunistic or whatever you like. But, when I felt I had a chance with her, after her failed relationship was over, I sunk my fingers into my left side of the chest. Ripped it open and told her, “look, this is how much I love you….will you be my girlfri-“

Before I could finish what I had to say, she quipped a big NO to me. Her stand stung me a good one. I had to deal with the fact that I was bare before her with my emotions – something us men don’t do so naturally – and she said no. It gets hard to pick yourself up from such, but you have to. Because real men are called to being great both in times of failure and victory (I can actually hear myself preaching already). Can I get an Amen?

I retreated, for eight months from her. Kept little to no contact. Just an emotionally pressed guy focusing on life and work. Then, as the Author of Love would see it fit, Reina started reaching out to me. A change of heart perhaps, I thought. This time round, it was her time to expose her cards. And like all girls do, they never quite tell you they like you. They keep sending signals and you have to be a genius of sorts, fill in the jigsaw puzzle, decode it, and go get her.

Oh ladies, why?

Was it easy? I still had to chase her and put in my all but the beauty of it was that this time she was willing to wink at me.

We started off as friends. Picking up what was laying down as ruins. I started knowing her a bit more as she allowed me to and I revealed a lot about myself to her. The tables had changed and I was the one in a shaky relationship. One that led me in the middle of a depression. A storm. She helped me pull through, simply by been there as a friend in need.

I have this friend of mine who’s in a similar situation. Battling a depression stemming from a failed relationship with his girlfriend. It’s easy for one to assume that there is no way love can lead you into such a suffocating place. But, it’s true. And you’ll be shocked that so many depressing states come from this place. A tragedy of love. What more hope can we give this broken world, than share beautiful love stories? Hence, Cuento De Amor (stories of love).

I like to tell Reina that during that trying time, she became my peace. And ever since, she has been just that, and more to me. My safe haven.

After months of being buddies, it was time to ask her out to be my girlfriend. Remembering those memories always puts a smile on my face. We were circling the idea of dating and with time, I knew I had to ask her out to be my girlfriend. One time she asked me to take her to her BFF’s place. We spent time together the whole day and at the back of my mind I replayed my lines, because I was set on asking her out that evening.

As we went home, my idea had been to take her to the Central Park monument.  Owing to the fact that it’d be there for ages and every time we went there, it’d rekindle our love story a fresh. But we had spent so much time at her friends place and the night was on its second lap.

I settled on a certain tree. Our tree.

She was puzzled, giving me that quizzical look of, Dude-what-the-heck-are-you-up to? “There is something I want to tell you. It’s been on my mind for long and I feel it best to let it out,” I said. She wondered even the more. I remember a chap passing by who blurted out some silly talk at us, ‘say yes!’ And Reina still hadn’t caught on. She thought I had bad news for her or something. I was making it hard for her to guess what I wanted to say, using my serious tone of voice.

Then, I softened it up, looked her straight in the eyes and asked…..

“Reina, will you be my girlfriend?”

The rest, has been magical.


On Tuesday we met this super awesome crew. A professional make-up artist, Anna (Anna Montez Beauty) and Steve the photographer (Stevenchy Photography).

They spoiled us to no end. Took us to this funky cool restaurant in Kikuyu town, Crave Kitchen and re-enacted our proposal with amazing shots. It’s still our engagement month Amigos, haha. We had loads of fun shooting. Reina looked glam.

Check out Anna Montez Beauty | Stevenchy Photography | and enjoy some of the shots.

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  1. And that right there is a saviour. Experience would say, to hell with all not for the Reinas in our lives who help patch up the heart. Who patch up the sail and the ship, which have already sailed settles on one direction. One direction as the captain so deems.

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