She walks out of the shower gracefully. Her snow-white towel tied up to her bosom. The steam tries to escape the shower and follow her but she shuts the door behind her. Her name is Stacy. She lets loose the towel and throws it on the bed. Now she’s naked. Such beauty. Stacy turns to look herself in the mirror besides her. She sways her body to the side and gets a good look at her hips and ass. Her big round bottom. Every time she does that, she gets a cathartic feeling. Sometimes she loves how she feels and looks. Other times she’s not sure about it and finds it hard to believe Carlos when he says she’s beautiful. When he stares long at her thinking about how he’ll subdue her with his touch as they make love. And how he affirms her naked body. She thinks he’s lying, but he’s not. He means it.

By now Stacy’s skin is almost drying up. She reaches for her Lóreal body lotion, steps one leg on the bed and begins to oil herself gently. Her mind racing, lost in love. Carlos seems to have an unfathomable grip on her. They’ve dated for two and a half years now. And as this year ends, she reflects on how far they’ve come. And boy, have they come a long way! She sighs. A smile curves on her face as she slips her Victoria’s Secret red-laced panties on. It’s funny how she teases him to put them back on after having sex, the same way he was ambitious to get them off her in the first place. He’ll giggle sarcastically and kiss her on the forehead, ‘haha! Next time I will.’ Only that next time, he’ll repeat the same exact drill. Déjà vu!

Stacy dresses up for him. She’s turned herself into an object of his desire. And thank God, he loves her as much. All that would mean nothing if he didn’t.

Today is date night. He’ll come spend the night at her place and cook ugali. She’ll prepare the meat and he’ll be the mixologist – mixing up Jameson whisky cocktails for her as he takes his shots on the rocks. They’ll cuddle and kiss. Then kiss some more. They’ll laugh and tease each other.

Stacy is all dressed up now. She sits on her bed, legs crisscrossed before her like a monk. She grabs her Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and checks to see if he’s texted her. It’s almost impossible to go silent for long. She finds a text from him: ‘Hey Beautiful, just left the office.’ She replies back.

Then, she waits. Obliviously, she teleports herself to a world of thought, trying to figure out how deep in love she is. Like how did it all happen? At first, she didn’t give two hoots about Carlos. She found him too bossy and self-centred. She could never see herself dating such a man, a true reflection of her own father; the side she hated about him. But Carlos seemed to have grown fond of her all along. In their few interactions among their circle of friends, he tried to pull her aside for a chat, but she always had an excuse. Most coffee dates, she turned down. It wasn’t even much of playing hard to get, she simply didn’t like the guy. He stood no chance. But Carlos kept on knocking at her door. Hopeful that one day, she’d let him in.

For long, there was no answer.

Now, it’s hard to believe she’s the one smitten in love. It was only a matter of time. When she finally opened the door, a wave of love swept in. It consumed her. Surely, love has no rule book. It plays its own game.

She remembers how he asked her out. They’d come from visiting a friend. Their now budding friendship was leading to a relationship. Overtime, Stacy had slowly let her guards down. She was getting to know Carlos for herself; who he really was. He was funny, always sustaining a smile on her face even on those cold hard days. Stacy found him witty, caring and loving. She could not understand how she missed all those signs in the beginning. While walking at the park, he held her hand and pulled her under a tree. A serious I-mean-business-type-of-face replaced his warm smile. For a moment, she was scared of what he was about to say.

‘There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time and I think this is the right time to say it.’

‘What is it?’ she asked. Donning a worried face as Carlos’ smile had disappeared into a frown looking at her. She didn’t know he was pulling one of those tricks on her. Deep down, she wondered whether he’d say it’s over between them. Long before it even started. She’d just started warming up to the idea of dating and loving him.

Then came the question.

‘Stacy, will you be my girlfriend?’

Her hands immediately perched on her mouth as she said repeatedly, ‘oh my gosh!’ She made two steps back. Her eyes – big sexy eyes – reading the emotions on his face. His signature smile was back again. Meaning every single word, he just said.

‘YES. I’ll be your girlfriend Carlos,’ she said after a long pause. Words that ignited a surge of emotions in his macho heart. He was elated.

He hugged her so tight and for the first time, they kissed. Carlos says he remembers that kiss till now. It was a slice of heaven. Stacy doesn’t understand how so, she says she had mixed reactions kissing him but she enjoyed it too. Plus, she was shy.

It’s been a beautiful love journey for them. Some ups and downs of course and each day, they’ve both fallen deeper in love. Stacy forever mesmerized by his affection towards her. And now, Carlos is eager to take it to the next level.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s a familiar knock.

Stacy snaps back to reality. She springs from her bed. She can tell who’s at her door, his cologne scent is etched in her mind. She’ll rush across the rooms almost tripping her favourite flower vase on the wall of her sitting room. A big smile on her face. Once she opens the door, her knight in shining armour will be standing there, holding something in his hands but much more eager to hug her.

‘Hi Babe….’ he’ll say.

She’ll answer him with a warm hug, then peck his neck softly. They’ll get inside, jabbering pleasantries as she helps him carry the shopping bags. Carlos will shut the door behind him.

They’ll share a beautiful night in each other’s arms.


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