‘No problem bro…..BTW a colleague at work read your posts she loved them all.’ That’s a WhatsApp message I received earlier from a pal of mine.

I replied saying, ‘Oh wow! That’s great. Thanks for the feedback.’ I wasn’t sucking up when I said that, surely I am grateful. Thankful for all the readers who spare their precious time to appreciate the work I put into these posts every week.

You see, in our present lives, there are many untold stories. Unfortunately, some will never see the light of day. They will remain forever unspoken. Only because they carry so much weight and sharing them would mean exposing oneself to vulnerability.

I met this lady who shared one of such stories with me. It’s the story of her life. A tale of pain. It intrigued me so much that I offered to write and run it here yesterday. She agreed, but there was a caveat to it. She had to read and approve it before I could post it. Reason being, she didn’t want to regret what would be the outcome of it. Maybe someone would join the dots and make sense of the pseudo name and trace it back to her. She was scared.

I sent her the 2,000 words story yesterday and she read it. She says she likes it. She told me that it was hard for her to read it as it reminded her of all the accounts in her past. To cut her some slack, let me be honest, it was a pretty sensitive story.

Long story short, she didn’t give me the green-light and I didn’t want to push it. And that’s why I didn’t run a story yesterday. I don’t blame her for it. I’d probably hesitate as well.

Her story remains untold. Hopefully not for long.

There you have it Amigos. I’m smack serious on keeping a commitment here. Posting a new story every Thursday. So till then, feel free to finish up reading that post you skipped reading at some point. Or the one you postponed reading.

Good day!

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