The Muindis At: TES COFFEE

Limuru is cold, especially around this time of the year. We’d just had pork ugali at a kibanda and I needed a hot drink. Reina didn’t take much of the pork; you know how it is with these kibanda cuisines. All day that morning I’d craved some pork meat.

As we left the kibanda, I told Reina, “Let’s get some chai somewhere before we go home.” She mentioned about this new restaurant at Ushirika Centre that just opened. (By the way, I don’t know how Reina keeps tab of such food and restaurant details, but she’s good at it).

I was game to the idea of checking the place out. We walked up the stairs at Ushirika Centre – that’s next to the Limuru matatu terminus – all the way to the last floor where Tes Coffee stood. A few steps away from the entrance, I stopped Reina and asked her a question I’d be meaning to ask. We talked, debating pros and cons, and after hugging her, I said, “Let’s go now.” Held her hand and walked towards the entrance.

I was instantly impressed by the luscious ambience at Tes Coffee. It’s beautiful. A different norm from what regular Limuru hotels offer.

But it felt like ghost town. Maybe because the place is fairly new and not many people know about it, plus, it was on a Sunday, late afternoon. A gentleman seated on one of the lounges raised his hand to welcome us in. The manager, I presumed.

Reina chose a spot for us; like she always does. We sat on a comfortable lounge seat and a lady called Kate, came towards us holding a menu. She smiled and greeted us, as she placed the menu on the table.

The comfortable lounge sits were spread across the restaurant. But I didn’t quite like the fact that it didn’t give a private feel, since you have to share it with several other people, and if one person needs to move, it disturbs all of you with the movement. That bit, has a low score.

We ordered for hot white chocolate and uji.


The Chef was kind enough to throw in a small bowl of ground peanuts in our order. I noticed it as something they did to the other orders made, at no extra cost. The chef himself also stopped by to see how the customers were doing and if the food was up to their expectations.

I found it interesting that they served the uji in a beer mug. Quite cool I thought. Reina tasted her uji and said it was good. She shared a sip and I liked it too. Later on, I ordered for my own mug. We asked Kate to bring us some lemons. I mean, what’s good uji without some lemon taste in it?

The ambience was nice. The music was soft and mellow, befitting for the scene. And the waitress, Kate, was hospitable and friendly. Oh, plus their Wi-Fi is strong. Kate, noticed us holding our phones at one point, came and generously shared the password.

At another instant, Kate brought us the newspaper. Reina was busy on her phone and I was idling, my eyes fixed on the screen watching football. When Reina spotted this, she asked Kate if she could bring me yesterday’s paper instead. She knows I love a particular column on the Saturday Nation and was quick to remember that before me. (Such a darling, “kisses Babe.”)

We stalled a bit at Tes Coffee, reading, sipping, laughing and enjoying the music. We both agreed we’d go back there and sample their food. It’s a nice decent place, you should check it out.

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