The Muindis At: KFC

It was my turn to be indecisive. Normally it’s Reina who’s indecisive but the ball was rolling on my side.

After several suggestions, and me not knowing exactly what I was craving for (yes, men too have cravings!) I asked her;

‘Babe, where can we get good tasty chicken?’

‘Only KFC,’ she said with such affirmativeness.

‘Aaaah, perfect!’ I grabbed her hand and we started walking towards the KFC on Kimathi Street.

You know what?

First, KFC should probably make Reina their brand ambassador or something. She loves their chicken like crazy. Actually, she’s turned me into a KFC chicken aficionado like her. Secondly, I’d actually forgotten that last week on ‘The Muindis At’ post, I’d promised a KFC review. Well, Reina saved the day.

Thirdly, KFC never disappoints. It’s easier for them to impress you than disappoint you. This is why –

We walked in towards the counter and a lady called Ruth attended to us. Normally, Reina will throw a figure at the attendant and ask how much chicken she can get from that cash. The attendant will proceed to suggest the best bargain. Either a three or five street wise chicken deal or something else.

We settled on the fully loaded box meal, which contained; a chicken burger, a small box of fries, a 500ml Coke, coleslaw, and one piece of chicken. And since one piece of chicken is never enough, we bought three more pieces and a Krusher. Oreo is her favourite.


Ruth, the attendant, was quite a sport. And very hospitable. She mentioned that when you buy chicken pieces separate, they allow you to choose your pieces, but not when it’s a package, say a three streetwise or anything else.

We got our Krusher and walked upstairs. We always sit at the top. There’s this one spot we’ve always wanted to sit and it was vacant. Good luck was on our side. It’s the curved seat on the far right of the sitting area once you ascend the end of the stairs. It’s a nice spot, try it. There are only two such spots and the other is directly opposite. You’ve got to love the ambience there, it’s warm and subtly seductive in a way. Maybe it’s the red colour.

The only tiff I have with KFC is their hand wash detergent. It’s too strong. It always leaves this very dominant scent on your palms and if you’re the sensitive type, it might easily distract you from your meal. I used a tiny drop of it to wash my hands and got back to our spot.

We gave thanks and dug into the finger licking good stuff (see what I did there?)

The chicken is always a winner. Always. I like mine peppered. We split the four pieces, two each. One with pepper and the other without. The chicken has a nice mix of whatever secret they make it with; that keeps it tender, crusty from the outside and softly marinated from the inside with a tinge of tasty savoury juice that’s only, KFC chicken. The pepper one has all that and hot. Just splendid!

The fries are good and the Krusher is just a tumbler of awesomeness. I like the crunchy Oreo crumbs that stay behind on your tongue after a long cold sip in. I wonder how fellas with sensitive teeth like it because it’s a tad, too cold. But worth the dentist visit nonetheless.

The coleslaw though, wasn’t all that. Just from taking one bite I knew I was done with it. Maybe because I’m not a cabbage guy (if there’s anything like that.) Reina didn’t fancy it much either. I ended up having her burger because for some reason when Ruth asked whether she wanted it hot peppered or not, she said yes. And it was too hot for her taste buds. The burger was just okay.

We ate our hunger away and sat there swapping my soda and her Oreo Krusher after every sip and people watching. Something we subconsciously, and at times consciously do when I guess we’ve had really good food together and were just chilling.

Like I said, KFC will more likely impress you than disappoint you. You can make it your next treat. Enjoy!

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