The Sound of My Laughter

Ever met someone at a party and instantly clicked? It could be that how you met and started talking was instantly accelerated and before you knew it, you forgot to ask their name. Another friend comes along and walks away with them to discuss important matters. So there you are, with a newfound friend and you cannot call their name aloud across a room to grab their attention or even save your life.

That feels like me right now. See, after running the No Valentine’s series, I have seen many new readers walk in on this space. It has been a blissful moment for me to welcome guests. Guests who have become friends and now they have their own seats in this humble home of mine.

I love every bit of it. Thanks for reading my stories, for commenting and sharing.

That said, I thought about it, maybe it’s time I introduce myself to my new readers, get them to know me a bit more. This is not me blowing my trumpet by the way. There is a guy who sent me an email congratulating me on the series. He said he loved it and is a writer himself looking for a co-writer to collaborate on a series of his own, and would like a…wait for it….a female voice as my contribution to his story.

I was shocked when I read that line. Was this person confusing me for a woman? Like do I sound feminine on paper so much that he thought Muindi Kimanzi is a pretty girl on the keyboard? Haha.

I sent him a reply and casually asked, I hope you are not confusing me for a lady, are you? Apparently, he was. He was extremely apologetic thereafter.

Now you tell me, if not for anything else don’t you think I should introduce myself? I think I do, lest anyone else comes up with another scary version of who Muindi might be.

Thinking about how to go about it, I concluded that the best way would be to tell you a few random things about myself. Things that put a smile on my face. Things that often evoke the sound of my laughter.

In no particular order, here are ten things about me.

To begin with, I am a man (Hehe. I just feel the need to stress that one). Anyway, I am a chivalry freak. I constantly seek to be the best man I can be. Though sometimes I fail at it, I have not given up on that fight. Every day I am learning this whole manhood journey. It always gives me great joy when I get to do something manly that earns me some chivalry points. I can never get used to that.

My beautiful niece, Tasha. And the witty nephew, Roy. These two kids put a smile on my face. Tasha will occasionally ask me the most random questions that leave me wondering, damn, these kids are too smart these days. She is only four and the bright prince turns ten this year. It’s always a joy hanging out with them.

Writing. As you can imagine, I get a kick out of doing this. It’s not always easy but it’s definitely worth it. It’s a golden gift I’ve had with me from days in Tigoni Primary School (anyone?) and in high school until now. To think my love for writing would lead me this far and take me even further was a dream that’s slowly turning into a reality.

Favourite meal – Ugali, mbuzi, and kachumbari. Yes! I make good ugali and roast nice choma. I guess it’s an African thing built in me, eh? Throw in some whisky in that meal and boom! Magnificent.

Military themed movies. I constantly feel I have a part of my life as a Navy SEAL elite soldier. Could be in this life, maybe. There’s a scene in the movie ‘Act of Valor’ that replays in my mind often. Oh, and another in ‘Black Hawk Down.’ OK, let me stop at that before I overwhelm you.

J. Cole. My favourite rapper for the last four years counting. He fuses hip-hop and R&B and he is always telling truth in his lines. I could name a long list of his songs but check out his jam ‘Folding Clothes.’ He is a good storyteller too.

Chess. You should see the smile on my face when I’m winning against my younger brother. It’s the game of kings and I love it when I take his king captive on the board.

Speaking of smiles. I love mine. It’s like a signature part of my face. Haha.

Ice cream or chocolates. Chocolates any day. Reminds me of my next root canal treatment, shit!

Reina. I love a beautiful girl called Reina. She’s my fiancée. More often than not, you’ll notice her featured in my writing and to be totally honest, she’s my biggest pride. The Queen of this heart of mine.

Well, that’s a bit of me. Your turn to tell – What brings out the sound of your laughter?



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  1. Love your writing! Just discovered your blog a little over 30minutes ago, was trying to find out more about CraveKitchen in Kikuyu, look at me now! I’m hooked already!

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