I’m seated on the fence. Yes, a real stone-wall fence. Behind me, the sun stealthily escapes the scene. Leaving the stage from a rather quiet evening on Christmas day. At least mine was quiet. On my left is a cup of coffee. I have some earphones plugged in. Running some beats to my ears. The song? Hello, by J. Cole.

I hate to ever sing that song in reality.

He’s reminiscing about a girl he once loved but they broke off and she moved on. Has kids even. He talks about the ‘what if’. Thinking how it’d be if they got back together. I hate what ifs. But, as I listen to the song, my mind flashes back at events from this year.

And just like the sun behind me, this year is closing in and a new year is awakening from the horizon. So, allow me to take time to sign off officially. It might be too early to say this but, happy new year! (I’m probably the first one to tell you that. Am I?)

Anyway, enough of transitions. Here’s a short story.


I have a beautiful niece called Tasha. She’s one bundle of joy. She turned two years last August. We actually share a birthday month. I’m at home more these holidays as things seem to have slowed down anyway. Yesterday I took a plastic chair and looked for a place I could sit facing the sunset and continued reading a book that I’m almost through with. It’s called Heat Sync by Wes Demott. I won’t even bother to tell you what it’s all about as it has been a rather dry read all along. It’s funny how I gave it hope, expecting it to pick up somewhere in between. As I read, I heard Tasha calling me from the house.

‘Uncle, uncle…..’ (in that adorable girly voice of hers.)

‘Eeeeh,’ I answered.

‘Kuja.’ She walked out and saw me seated next to the main gate. Then she ran towards me with a larger than life smile on her face. This kid runs with abandon like hakuna matata. Two days to Christmas, she got hurt on the forehead and was stitched but she seems to have forgotten all that. I think it’s so much of being a child.

She gets to me and I tell her I’m reading a book. She gives me that look of please-dont-chase-me-away, I-want-to-stay-with-you. OK. I asked her to run to the house and ask her Auntie to give her a book to read. I’m secretly hoping she won’t come back and bother me. Well, she does come back. With a Gideon’s Bible on her hand. I pulled a second chair for her and we sat on the sun lit parch just the two of us.

Now, this is where her actions got my attention and heartily smiling as I spied on her from the side. I had placed my hand on my brow and the other hand held the book. She took a look at me and copied my posture, placing her hand on her forehead and trying to look deeply into her book just like me. I giggled at that and she giggled back as well. Reina calls it the monkey see, monkey do stage; where a child imitates you as much as they can.

Later I told her I’m going to the house to get some lemon water and she waited for me. I came back with two cups and handed her one. I sipped loudly in a dramatized way to see what she would do. She sipped the same way and I laughed. She also laughed, ending the laughter just like me. I really felt flattered at her actions. Made me happy even.

I guess what they say is somehow true. It’s the simple things in life that matter, and make you happy. Well, so much of that. Let’s hope 2017 brings with it much happiness.

See you next Thursday.

2 thoughts on “THE SUNSET SIGNOFF

  1. I love this line -This kid runs with abandon like hakuna matata.

    You are one descriptive writer I must say. Definitely see you next Thursday. Godspeed

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