Will You Be My…..

I know this fine girl. Her name is Reina. She’s a beautiful plus size lady, curvaceous, has an African chocolate skin tone and big cute eyes. She’s quite likable, has a big generous heart and sprinklings of a sanguine personality. In all her dating encounters, only one guy officially asked her out to be her girlfriend. Just one, can you imagine that?

Let me stop you right there, as you might conclude, Reina doesn’t have a problem that men can’t handle, no! On the contrary, she’s quite curvy (remember?) And the last I checked, men love curves. Real curves, forget those freaking add-ons that look imbalanced. (Enough about curves!). As I was saying, Reina is perfectly normal, she has dated a few other guys in the past and in all those relationships with an exception of one, none of them officially popped the question, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

The sequence seemed the same for a while; boy meets Reina, boy likes Reina, Reina plays hard to get, though she likes him too, in a bid to show his commitment, boy ups his game – he texts and calls her more often, spends his time and money on her, compliments her curves (sorry, couldn’t help it. Hehe) – and so on. Before you know it, the boy has a new name (Bae) and with no official start, the love journey begins. Things sort of fall into place, just like that. No loose comments declaring commitment, not even a bad joke as a sign of officiating the relationship. Nothing!

On asking Reina how she felt about both situations, been officially asked out and been on the opposite side of officiated relationships, this was her response;

“In my current relationship, when he asked me out, first, I was shocked; it came as a complete surprise to me. I knew it came from a deep place in his heart and there was no way I could say no. I said yes.”

“On the other hand, in my past relationships, I had to just shelve my expectation of ever been asked out and continue loving the guy. Sometimes it bothered me, other times it didn’t bother me all at the same time. I was more focused on the relationship growing than sulking over a missed step.”

My guess is, her ‘blind’ love quashed her personal expectation in those situations.

Ladies, if this is relatable and you’re probably in such a relationship, well, that step was missed and the ship already sailed. Hope the guy is treating you well though. For the fellas, I have five words for you, ‘Ask.Your.Girl.Out.Officially’. Period.

Where am I headed with this?

Starting a new blog is some ways similar to initiating a relationship. One where you’ll do what you love; create and write, and upon posting your work, you hope an interested reader will engage with it and grow fond of it. Probably even love you for it.

And that’s precisely what I anticipate this blog will mean to you and my achievement with it will be echoed in your pride at it. Such that, in this space, you will be entertained, engaged and informed of new things so much that you’ll not miss a weekly and maybe a daily stopover. You’ll tell a friend to tell a friend about Muindi Kimanzi because I’m worth an introduction, right?

I am happy to have you join in. Welcome on board. Book your spot. And before you say yes, I’d like to officially ask, “Will you be my fan?”


PS: Be sure to check out new posts every week. Feel free to comment below and I’ll gladly respond back.

13 thoughts on “Will You Be My…..

  1. Congratulations! Am I the first to comment? Great start to your journey Muindi! Looking forward to the growth each week. And I have been a fan all along – thanks for asking ?

  2. Aaaaawwwww….so lovely…so romantic of u Muindi….congratz n i wish you the best in your love life man….???????

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