Wine and Lovers

***** I had just finished setting the grilled chicken on the table and allowed it to rest when the door knob turned. That must be her, I thought.

‘Hey, this looks good, smells nice too.’ Angie said as she walked in. She was referring to the candle lit dinner set. I’ve never been good with break ups.

I always thought I was the god of break ups, who would end a relationship without any hard feelings, probably even share a candle lit dinner as I say it’s over. Four times I had failed at this pathetic approach and each time I believed the lady was different. Angie was next.

‘Hey Angie,’ I said, hugging her and helping her get off her brown feathery coat.

A kiss, a chair pulled, napkins draped on the laps and there we sat looking at each other. As she tore through the chicken thigh, I admired how oblivious she was. She couldn’t tell I had lured her into a trap with this dinner. After the big fight a few days ago this was it, the end. I admired how fast she moved from arguments.

Frank Sinatra’s music played on and a few times we made small talk, ‘How was your day?’ ‘Good.’ ‘The salad is not bad, you made this?’ ‘Uhm, yeah. Thanks.’

I chowed on my food silently, my eyes fixed on her. I noticed the new hairstyle but I thought it was a bit too late to mention it and maybe if I did, she’d get happy and that would distract me from the real talk. I waited patiently for dessert, I’d tell her then. Terrible timing.

‘I’ve got some ice cream, want some?’

‘Like Ronaldo needs to play hockey, what do you think?’ We both giggled.

As I walked to the kitchen, she said, ‘Oh, I got something for you Tim.’ I turned around to see her draw a Pinot Grigio from her bag. That stopped me in my tracks, ‘Forget the ice cream let’s drink instead.’

And just like that, my mission was aborted. I rested two glasses on the table and opened the bottle. It’s like she had a sixth sense and knew what good wine does to me. I poured into her glass and watched her swirl it, sniff and take a delicate sip just like I taught her. She’s a good student, this one.

From my glass, I could smell the aromas of apples and pears and some mineral undertones all the way from Italy. I liked this wine for its medium acidity and great pairing. The wine lover in me must have been so engrossed in the moment that I missed what Angie said, I turned to see her glass raised towards me, ready for a toast.

‘To a great loving relationship and less fights.’ By now I knew it was too late. We toasted.

Who was I to ruin such a great wine moment? I swirled my glass again, took a sip. The night had just begun.

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