Women Are Beautiful, Powerful Beings

*****Does feminism teach women to respect men? Well, that’s one of my main objections about this whole feminism hullabaloo. Whereas I agree that some injustices towards women were championed in the past and need not see the light of day in the present, I have a bone to pick with some of the practices that feminism aims for.

Another thing I find a huge contrast is the whole equality debate. Again, some things need to be addressed (and its best I keep my opinion to myself here before I get into an unwarranted debate that might never end.) But that said, I strongly feel that men and women should never be equal.

Hell no!

Why, you ask? Simply because there are certain attributes that make women who they are and men what they are. Women are too unique to be equal to men. It’s best we keep these two sexes as is on a couple of fronts. Yeah, I know I sound painfully vague right now without the specifics, but stay with me, I’m getting to something.

Here are a couple of things I admire about women. In my opinion, they are what constitute super powers that us men can never match (and it’s okay). If only women would embrace themselves more for who they are and quit trying to be like men on certain fronts (there I go again with being vague), then the world would be a better place.

When a woman wants a man to do something, she will surely get him to do it in the long run. I’m convinced presidents have made key decisions not because they favoured these decisions but it was the wife’s idea, and the men definitely favoured sleeping on their bed more than sleeping on the couch. Call it strength of a woman. That strength can be used for good causes and not to manipulate a man to doing whatever the woman feels like. And my goodness, a woman can be patient pursuing her cause. Don’t even mess.

Women have this amazing sense of wisdom that men can never attain even in a thousand years. Some call it the sixth sense. It’s true. A woman can see a unique perspective that’s blinded to a man. She can feel emotions that men cannot and she can give you good advice if you, the man, chooses to listen. I remember one of my previous boss telling me something I remember to date, “It’s good for a man to listen to his wife.” (Well, sometimes, haha).

Women are sexy beings. There’s this Kenyan painter – not that I know a lot about painters anyway – called Panye. Yep, Panye! His niche includes painting naked women. The first time I saw his paintings I was wowed! I have never seen such beautiful pieces of art. This was at the art gallery in Railways Museum. Thing is, of all the inventions God in his infinite wisdom made, a woman’s naked body tops the list. Not so much a man.

A woman can raise a family all by herself. Only a handful of unicorn men can match that. Give a woman a kid or kids and leave her to raise them all by herself, stand aside and be amazed. Raising a family is no joke, it takes a lot of grit and that’s why it should never be left to one half to do it, it should be a joint effort. Unfortunately, in the wake of single mothers caused by men deserting their role, women have had to raise kids solo and that my friend, is a huge milestone.

Reina weighed in on this when I asked her the question, ‘what things can women do better than men.’ She said women eat healthier and are more organized than men, boom! Thing is, when I scored the internet for some random answers, turns out what she said is true. Even backed up by research! I hope that doesn’t say a thing or two about me (exits stage).

(Gets back after some minutes).

It goes without saying, women are better at multitasking than men are. If you’re a man and you try raise an eye brow on this, please stop. I won’t even back you up. So, you can imagine the value of this ability in a world where we are so distracted and everything is simply trying to get your attention, and tasks keeping piling up on every end. No wonder I’m convinced women have super powers as default settings. I can’t even cook and talk at the same time, one of those will get burnt real fast – the chat or the meal.

Another thing, women are more sociable than men. If not for women, the world would endure many world wars for centuries unending. Yes, it’s easy to dismiss how women relate and accuse them of being petty and fault finding in relationships but at a deeper level, a woman holds many relationships together. I don’t know how to explain it beyond that, I’m sure you get it, no?

Do I need to talk about women being better – (safer) – drivers who look after their cars better, well, no!

This list can go on for days. Yes, women need to be loved and respected and given equal opportunities to chase their dreams. They need to be empowered and not looked down upon. This narrative has been on the rise, no doubt. While at it, men too need to be respected for their unique contribution in the circle of life. They too need to be empowered and not constantly attacked. Let’s put a rest to the ‘boy child’ memes for a moment and address a problem lest we go back to trying to equalize the see saw because in the effort to raise women, we downgraded men.

I think it will always be a balancing act, this gender equality thing. But when it’s all set and down, women are beautiful, powerful beings. Let’s keep it that way.


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2 thoughts on “Women Are Beautiful, Powerful Beings

  1. I have to say the first few lines didn’t sit well with my little bone of feminism!! Then you completely wowed me!!! I love how you empower us, how you appreciate us!! You should listen to this song, Women by Jason Derulo and Florida Georgia(am not sure) but your post reminds me of it!!!
    And If you didn’t know this already, lemme tell you, you’re kinda a feminist!

    1. Hey Amanda, thanks for your comment. Haha, interesting that you’re the first person to say I’m a feminist, never looked at it that way. Nice song too!

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